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    Hi. I just wanted to let you know about my zen yoga classes in Camberwell and Peckham. For more info check out my website www.youruniverseyoga.co.uk

    Zen yoga has its foundation in Zen Buddhist philosophy (as opposed to the more traditional Indian yoga philosophy), and emphasises mindfulness, breath and connection. My classes are made up of a combination of mindful posture and flow routines designed to bring increased connection to the ground, awaken and flex the spine, and bring about more resilience, softness, and awareness. These practices lead to a natural quiet and stillness of the mind, and a gentle letting go throughout our entire being.

    Do come and join me whenever you're free at the following places/times.

    Tuesdays @ ZenYoga Camberwell
    18:30-19:30, & 19:45-20:45

    Wednesdays @ ZenYoga Camberwell
    07:30-08:30, drop-in £10

    Thursdays @ ZenYoga Camberwell
    19:00-20:30, drop-in £12

    Fridays @ Gaia Studio Peckham Rye (from 20th September 2013)
    09:30-10:30, drop-in £12


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