Which areas should we add?

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Which other areas should we create a sub-forum for?

  1. Blackheath

    41 vote(s)
  2. Catford

    5 vote(s)
  3. Charlton

    0 vote(s)
  4. Greenwich

    41 vote(s)
  5. Lee

    1 vote(s)
  1. Suitmaster

    Suitmaster Local

    Adding Greenwich gets my vote. Blackheath too.
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  2. It's not just you. I agree and think that now Peckham has been added and with so many Southwark councillors now on board, it's next door neighbour Camberwell will be a natural area to add at some point, as news of the forum's existence spreads...
  3. Peckham Po

    Peckham Po Proper Local

    Good idea. As something like this for SE-wide events is on the way so they say.
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  4. Russell & Brockley

    Russell & Brockley Respected Local

    HOP has been the latest addition, despite se23.com still going (tho v v quiet) so maybe Forest Hill could be next. It's a bigger area than Honor Oak anyway.

    I've voted to go outside of Lewisham and Southwark tho. Greenwich Blackheath is the obvious one (and to me they *are* one) but maybe an area or two in the Lambeth borough? That way you can use Twitter to reach people by using the borough name for the first time.
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  5. adolph's dog

    adolph's dog Local

    The SE postcode area is made up of Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich plus the eastern fringes of Lambeth (western Dulwich and Tulse Hill), northwest sections of Bexley and Bromley, and the northern half of Croydon.
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  6. the Honor Oak section's been kinda quiet though.

    Ideally you need to create the demand rather than create and hope there is a demand.
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  7. Bette Mavis

    Bette Mavis Member

    Do Greenwich and Blackheath share the same postcode and local authority?
  8. Zapple

    Zapple Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Blackheath is split between Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs. It is mainly SE3 whereas Greenwich town is SE10.
  9. What about them? :mad:

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  10. Oh, I like that idea.

    I'd also echo someone else's thoughts on another thread that maybe the front page is a little on the looooong side for a forum.
  11. Bendr

    Bendr Proper Local

    Camberwell might be hard to crack. Even the main SE5 forum has trouble getting people to post
  12. Hooter Nanny

    Hooter Nanny Member

    Bermondsey and Walworth
  13. triptych

    triptych Member

    If you looked at all the areas already with their own SEC forums on a map, do they all join up or are there missing areas?

    That's probably a good way to gauge it.
  14. Gema

    Gema Moderator Staff Member

    Definately Greenwich...I live in the Greenwich end of Deptford (as oppossed to the Lewisham side) and it seems a bit weird that anything past the end of my street isn't catered for on here? Then again, it's all about local demand really isn't it, and there are some really good blogs already covering the area. :)

  15. canine bugger

    canine bugger Member

    Camberwell, Bermondsey, Greenwich, Blackheath, Barking

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