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    South East Central is a forum for South East London - in particular the neighbourhoods of Brockley, Nunhead, Peckham, Deptford, New Cross, Lewisham, Ladywell and Catford.

    It is designed so that you can have conversations about the things most important to you and your home, but also to share advice and information with people in the wider area who may share many of the same issues as you - from local politics to transport - or simply to buy, sell or swap things with people nearby.

    South East Central was founded in mid-2011 by the creators of Brockley Central, a hyperlocal website, due to demand from readers for a forum. They believed there were lots of other areas nearby that could do with something similar and so created a website that would serve a range of communities that are better together.

    The founders remain as the administrators of this site and can be found joining in the conversation as "Nick Barron" and "Brockley Jon". Since the launch, they have been joined by four more moderators, "Catford Grrl" (the Catford section), "Pratish" (The Bike Lane), "Transpontine" (New Cross) and "Gema" (Deptford).

    We are always happy to hear from other people who would like to moderate a section (especially Nunhead and Peckham) and we're happy to create new sections if it's a good idea and the demand is there.

    We hope that South East Central will be a useful and entertaining service, we also hope that the conversation will remain robust, courteous, smart and informative and that everyone remembers their senses of humour and perspective. Then all will be well with the world.

    Thanks for using South East Central.
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