Wünderlust ? anyone?

Discussion in 'Deptford' started by Nena, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Nena

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    has anyone tryied recently the Wünderlust?
    last time I went it was the Red Bus Pizza and in winter was cold and unwelcoming...
    anybetter now?

    thanks guys
    Nena :rolleyes:
  2. GildasGloves

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    Nope, still haven't tried it. Back in the day I enjoyed the Red Bus Pizza in the spring and summer. Friends hosted a couple bday parties there and they let us plug a mix into their speakers. For a while they were also hosting mini events like comedy nights.

    Oops I just googled it and Wanderlust is apparently shut since Jan. Seems like it was just a pop-up. Wonder what will come next!

    Well, if you're looking for places to dine in the area I recommend Kitcho (Japanese) in the Greenwich direction and Winemakers on Deptford High St (exquisite and innovative menu but go for small plates rather than mains -- better value). Pub-wise I have always rated the Albert for decent fare at cheap prices, and the Brookmill (slightly more upmarket; took the place of a rather forgettable local pub over a year ago) is good too. The Job Centre on the high st has a new menu based on simple, seasonal daily dishes but I haven't sampled it yet.
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