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Discussion in 'Brockley' started by lb203, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. lb203

    lb203 Newbie

    Hi all! Hope you are well

    My boyfriend and I are looking to buy somewhere in Brockley (2 bed flat, with garden) but are not finding many properties coming on to the market (or if they do they are all snapped up before we even get a chance to look at them)

    Was just wondering if people aren't selling as they love Brockley, or are waiting until the weather brightens up a bit beofre putting their places on the market

    would be interested to hear people's thoughts

    all the best
  2. beenbrun

    beenbrun Member

    I'm looking for the same, you'd really like Gipsy Hill, leave Brockley to me
  3. beenbrun

    beenbrun Member

    I think you at least need to register with quite a few estate agents and perhaps lie about your monetary position if neccesary to get advance viewing and to be taken seriously
  4. lb203

    lb203 Newbie

    haha, but I like Brockley!!

    We are already registered with everyone it seems, but finding service levels vary greatly! Estate agents in the area seem to be pushing open days which are a nightmare.

    Coem on people sell up ;-)
  5. beenbrun

    beenbrun Member

    weird isn't it to make a 2-3oo,000 pound decision based on a ten minute visit with a bunch of other people wandering around.
  6. lb203

    lb203 Newbie

    oh its awful!

    One we viewed last Saturday had about 20 people in it, all jostling to look. I asked the estate agent hwo old the extenton was, he couldn't answer, then told me in the next breath if I wanted it I had to put my offer in by lunchtime Monday :-/
  7. EmGee

    EmGee Member

    we've just sold our flat in CP, and are moving to Ladywell as it's still affordable. Prices in Brockers are mental at the moment, not really any value left, Ladywell and down towards Catford down Manwood road are worth a look? Everything is still in walking distance...
  8. lb203

    lb203 Newbie

    thanks EmGee, you are totally right - we are really struggling to find anything we can afford (even though we have a healthy budget!)

    We have been lookign Ladywell way too, will continue there - shame as we had our hearts set on Brockley but have to be realistic

    Looking at one in Hither green tonight too so definitely spreading our search

    Any Brockley dwellers looking to move - let me know!
  9. mrcee

    mrcee Member

    Forest hill / honor oak park are worth a look as well, fairly close by
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  10. st asaph roadie

    st asaph roadie Respected Local

    As someone who lives in a two bed garden flat, I am very interested to see the potential interest in it. Our major reason for not putting our place on the market is that the prices here are so crazy now that we wouldn't be able to afford anything bigger here. We may at a squeak be able to afford to live in Catford, but the transport isn't as good and our child is at school here now. I also don't want to take on a bigger mortgage when the job market is so shaky. So we're hunkering down, buying some more storage and will wait until things calm down a bit. Sorry! Zoopla is the best search site for properties though, and Mark Beaumont Estate agents are a decent lot. Good luck!
  11. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I think the whole property market across London is crazy at the moment to be honest. Mortgage rates have dropped and despite continued economic uncertainty, people who have held off or not not been able to buy are now jumping in. However the supply is just not there, people just aren't putting things on the market, may be because they don't want to commit to a bigger mortgage at the moment? This means that there is huge demand for every property coming on the market. A couple of flats just near me on Manor Ave have literally been under offer within 1 day of going on the market. Even back in 2009 at the height of the downturn, a basement flat nearby sold within 24 hours. We're constantly getting flyers through the door from estate agents asking us if we want to sell. I've got friends who have been trying to move, 1 in Blackheath, 1 near Archway Tube and another in Surbiton, each of them has secured a buyer literally within days or hours but they can't find anywhere to buy so they're holding off completing the deal...
  12. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    Estate agents always push open days when there is loads of demand, it's easier for them
  13. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    Open days really are a nightmare. I remember when we bought our flat in Ladywell we had looked round various places in Brockley and Honour Oak Park with dozens of other people. You would then think about putting in an offer and find that someone else had already had the place snapped up. This was five years ago when the market was at its peak.

    I would recommend to lb203 and beenbrun to have a look at Ladywell which is (as I would assume you know) right next to Hilly Fields, on a trainline into London Bridge, Waterloo East, Charing Cross and Cannon Street.

    There's a flat for sale on Algiers Road btw - not sure how many beds but it's in a recently(ish) converted victorian semi.
  14. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    Strangely there are no photos of this flat on Zoopla but it was for sale the other day. I'll have a look and see which agent it is on with when I get home.
  15. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    Are you sure it hasn't already sold? Estate agents often leave things up on their websites to generate enquiries, then they can sign customers up and possibly other sellers on the same street. When I bought my place back in Brockley back in 2006, literally 75% of the places on websites like Rightmove, Findaproperty and estate agents' actual sites were already sold. It was such a waste of time calling round estate agents only to find that most places had been snapped up, then the agent would talk through your requirements with you but they would never ever call to tell you if anything new had come on the market, there were so many buyers they didn't have to bother putting any effort in on the phone to actually get people to view and make offers...
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  16. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    I don't think it has sold. It was on the market, then off the market, and now it is back on the market. When I get home I'll have a look and see.
  17. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

  18. st asaph roadie

    st asaph roadie Respected Local

    I have just noticed that a two bed garden flat on Aspinall Road is on for £320k! Crazy money. Good luck buyers.
  19. Alan

    Alan Member

    Hi lb203, my wife and I bought a 2 bed garden flat in Crofton Park in November and had the same problems as yourself when we were looking. We started looking around the start of the year and agreed the sale in August after viewing about 10 properties and offering on two of them.

    My advice would be to:
    • Register for email property alerts from Zoopla, Rightmove, estate agents, everywhere! - this is essential as you need to find out as soon as they are added to the websites
    • As soon as you see somewhere you are interested in contact the estate agent immediately by telephone to arrange a viewing
    • Have your mortgage agreement in principal & deposit ready, and make it clear to the estate agent you are ready to complete any sale quickly
    • If you are a first time buyer make sure the estate agent/seller is aware of this, sellers will prefer that you arent in a chain if they want a quick sale
    • Do as much research as you can on the property before the viewing e.g. has some useful info on past sales etc
    • Make sure you take as long as you need during the viewing to make a decision on whether to put in an offer as you will need to put in an offer as soon as possible and you are unlikely to get another chance to view
    • Don't be too obsessed with the SE4 postcode, surrounding areas (Honor Oak, Ladywell etc) are nice, and after moving here I realise I ruled out some nice areas which are only a short walk away
    Hope this helps, good luck with your search. It will be worth the hassle in the end. We are really enjoying the first few days of spring in the garden :)
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  20. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    Back in 06 when I was looking by the time stuff had made it to Rightmove, Zoopla etc it was generally already sold, you really needed to be in the estate agents' faces everyday to have a hope in hell of getting a look in. It was only after about 2 months of looking and badgering estate agents that I finally started to get occasional calls from them about new stuff. When we bought our place on Manor Ave, I was on the line to the estate agent for another place making an offer but someone had literally just had theirs accepted on that but the estate agent mentioned the place on Manor Ave so I quickly lined up a viewing, saw it , liked it, went to the Wickham for a beer and a think and made an offer the next morning and even by then there were other people with 2nd viewings and interest lined up....

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