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    We have recently had call to use a tree surgeon for the removal of a tree. The chaps doing the job were very knowledgeable, appreciative and very considerate of the efforts we had made with our garden. If you need good (proper) tree surgery carried out, whether this is thinning an existing tree or carrying out maintenance, through to removal if necessary, then this local (Brockley based) firm comes highly recommended:

    Tree Tech 82 Sandrock Road London Greater London SE13 7TR

    Phone: 07796 675627
    Fax: 020 8469 3740

    I should add that any works carried out to trees in Brockley/Telegraph Hill require planning consent from the Local Authority (can take up to 8 weeks), this includes thinning trees too. Do make sure you apply well before you contract a tree surgeon to carry out any work - no tree surgeon who knows what they are doing will do a job in Telegraph Hill/Brockley without the relevant consent being granted.

    We had consent for the work we had to have done. I won't go into the details of why it had to be done here.

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