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  1. South East 15

    South East 15 Respected Local

    Hello, I have relatives coming to visit from up north soon and I'm wondering where to put them up (no room at my inn!) so I'm curious what places we have on our doorsteps in SE15 (and surrounding areas) but don't even realise are there?

    Any recommendations?
  2. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

    The Victoria in Bellenden has nice looking rooms and the Actress in North Cross Rd (SE22 though) said they were going to have some ready by the end of 2011.
  3. kerala12

    kerala12 Local

    There are some people offering rooms and entire houses through Air Bnb in Peckham and Nunhead if you zoom into the area on the Air Bnb map. I don't think the site is as popular here as it is in the USA but its an interesting alternative to staying in hotels/bnbs. I've had some really good experiences in the USA and here in London when I was between flats.
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  4. evelina toad

    evelina toad Local

    Shame the Rye is still closed for refurb - they were often called The Rye Hotel as there were rooms upstairs
  5. Shelfish

    Shelfish Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    If you live nearer the New Cross end of Nunhead then I know that the New Cross Inn offers rooms but I think that they offer more of a travellers hostel service...
  6. David Peckham

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  7. Camelegg

    Camelegg Proper Local

    There's also, believe it or not, a hotel on the Walworth Road SE17 (but the Peckham end, not the Elephant & Castle end).

    It's called Hotel Pasha.

    Don't know what the rooms are like, but I was at a function in the restaurant area yesterday evening and everything seemed quite clean and new, and the staff seemed friendly. The food looked good too and they have carp in an inside pond plus jungly plants.

    Apparently the cuisine etc is from Kazakhstan - no Borat jokes please!

    I have been told it used to be a hostel but it has been completely renovated.

    It did get slightly marked down by me for the truly abysmal paintings in the corridor on the way to the restaurant, though. :p
  8. Peckham Po

    Peckham Po Proper Local

    A small part of SE5 is in Peckham but yes, it's a cool place.

    Considerably less cool is the Peckham Lodge on Peckham Road.
  9. Bendr

    Bendr Proper Local

    FWIW, there is apparently a meeting going on right now at the Crown & Greyhound in Dulwich Village to discuss future plans of converting the pub into a 20 room hotel.
  10. Shelfish

    Shelfish Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Really? Won't the villagers be alarmed by the possibility of oiks infiltrating genteel Dulwich Village?
  11. The Dulwich and Peckham area is crying out for a hotel of some sort and if it is any good it will have high occupancy I would have thought. We didn't have our wedding in Dulwich as there was nowhere for people from out of town to stay. The East Dulwich "Hotel" aka the Bed & Breakfast is probably not the sort of place to put the in-laws (or then again.....???).
  12. New Cross CC

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  13. SE Steve

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  14. AppleCatcher

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    As an aside, the Church St Hotel in Camberwell is a lovely hotel (and oddly aimed at the boutique end of the market, given its location), but it's quite pricey - £130+.
  15. David Peckham

    David Peckham Respected Local

    The White Hart Hotel on the big junction of Queens Road and New Cross Road advertises rooms from its scabby windows, but as Danja said in the pub makeovers thread, the place is 'totally rancid' so I don't even know why I've bothered to write this
  16. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

    I spotted a man with suitcases entering the East Dulwich Hotel in Upland road, SE22, the other day. I must admit I never noticed it before. Not very well rated according to this review.:eek:
  17. Tomos

    Tomos Newbie

    Use I am sure you will find nice places where to stay, and you will help your neighbours make some money.

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