The Corbett Residents' Association

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    The Corbett Residents’ Association (CRA) launched in September 2010 to bring together local residents for community activities and events, allowing neighbours to get to know each other and share interests. The association currently represents residents living in Muirkirk, Abbotshall, Dowanhill, Merchiston, Ardoch, Balloch, Birkhall, Ardfillan, Braidwood and Killearn Roads. (more details and newsletters can be found here

    When I attended the South Assembly meeting a few months back one of the representatives was asked how other roads could join. He admitted that the association had grown larger than they intended and that he was happy to talk to anyone about setting up another association.

    The line seems to be drawn at Torridon Road so anyone from say Hazelbank, and surrounding roads might want to consider contacting the CRA for advise on funding and setting up another Association.

    I am not on the CRA panel, just a resident. Details of panel members can be found in the newsletter or the Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=156695911027036

    The next meeting is on Sunday 23rd October 2011.

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