The borders of SE15 - what area am I?

Discussion in 'Peckham' started by JamieZoob, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. JamieZoob

    JamieZoob Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    I live north of Queens Road Peckham, West of New Cross, South of Old Kent Road and East of Peckham Hill Street. Which area am I? Can we get a general 'Peckham' area thread that would cover the bits of SE15 that get missed off? Or can we call it Queens Road Triangle? Hahaha.
  2. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    How about Salty Towers Borders? :eek:

    Seriously, I was always led to believe that the border between the two SE15 areas is Consort Road - Nunhead is east, and Peckham west. How true that is I dunno tho.
  3. JamieZoob

    JamieZoob Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    But what about the northern border? Are we saying it's QRP or OKR? I'm definitely north of Nunhead but DEFINITELY south of South Bermondsey
  4. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    Do you have an SE15 postcode?

    According to the postcode map of Peckham ward as posted in the by-election thread you'd fall under that area, so it stands to reason that Peckham ward is in Peckham.

    However, Queen's Road Peckham station and immediate area is, incongruously, in Nunhead ward, so, basically, it's anybody's guess!

    I remember walking up OKR the first time, towards the B&Q and I asked someone what area is this called? And they replied Old Kent Road. Grrrr!

    Anyway, here's a feature on SE15 from the Independent archives, who politely point out that the whole area's got a bit of an identity crisis going on.

    And here's a map of SE15 ward boundaries just to confuse you further...

    I'm pretty sure the upper vertical road that divides 14 (Peckham ward) and 17 (Nunhead ward) is around Asylum Road, no?
  5. JamieZoob

    JamieZoob Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    WOW. That's pretty cool. According to that I am in the Livesey Ward, which is mainly South Bermondsey (SE16, go figure) and only just includes us on the west side like its Cuban heel. The east side of the street would be Nunhead Ward. So I'm definitely not in Nunhead. Maybe it shouldn't be divided by wards: Nunhead Ward doesn't contain Nunhead Library. Go figure. I guess it's not so clean cut... Maybe we shouldn't be so divisive and just include everything with an SE15 Postcode?

    DKZ, that near vertical pink line is where I live.
  6. SE Steve

    SE Steve Super-South-Easter

    You must be pretty close to this current crime scene...

    The skeletal remains of a man have been discovered in bushes in south London.
    Officers believe the body, which was found by a dog walker in Lovelinch Close, Peckham, on Wednesday, had been put there in the last week.


    More at BBC News.
  7. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    East Peckham

    The ward boundaries don't follow community boundaries, parts of Nunhead are in Peckham Rye and Lane Wards, and parts of Nunhead Ward are East Peckham. My ward, Peckham Rye, has part of East Dulwich and Honor Oak as well as parts of Nunhead in it.
  8. JamieZoob

    JamieZoob Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Oooh! I live in East Peckham! Hurrah. It's all very confusing Renata, what with wards boundaries, and community boundaries and historical boundaries... I'd love to see a historical map of the area...
  9. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    There's some useful reference sites online:

    Ordnance Survey have an Election Map showing constituencies and authorities.
    Southwark have an explanation of Your MPs in the area, and the recent boundary changes explained.
    They also have a selection of Old Maps Of Southwark including one that was posted at the weekend here that refers to Nunhead as Nonehead, allegedly an 18th century mis-spelling.

    Lastly, for your delectation, a Google map of all the affected 'riot' areas of London last week. :mad:
  10. JamieZoob

    JamieZoob Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    that's brilliant DKZ. Really cool
  11. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    So, basically, looking at the detailed PDF below:

    Brunswick Park ward - Camberwell Green & West Peckham
    Peckham ward - North Peckham
    Livesey ward - East Peckham & South Bermondsey
    Nunhead ward - Queen's Road Peckham and all of Nunhead east of Inverton Rd & Brockley Path except for Kimberly Ave, Consort Rd and Evelina Rd triangle
    The Lane ward - Peckham Rye and central Nunhead
    Peckham Rye ward - West Nunhead, East Dulwich, North Honor Oak and Peckham Rye Park & Common

  12. Cedges

    Cedges Local

    I'm in the Asylum Road area and would consider that I live in Peckham but I know when I first moved here, it was all a bit confusing!
  13. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

    It is a real issue for all of Peckham, where we actually are! I call your area East Peckham.

    I live in the opposite quadrant of Peckham in a part of the Lane ward in Peckham that is often ignored in Community Council terms, and even in this thread, when the Lane ward area is described as being part of Peckham Rye and Nunhead. This is the area I call SW Peckham – or Rye Lane West – ie the SE15 Peckham neighbourhood between Peckham Road / Peckham High St and East Dulwich Road and Rye Lane up to the SE5 boundary. To confuse matters even more Bellenden Road stretches throughout that area but the Bellenden Renewal Scheme (1997 – 2007) covered only the half south of the railway line which then became known as Bellenden, though estate agents call the area north of that Bellenden, and many people think Bellenden is just Bellenden Rd itself. (And actually the name Bellenden came from the fact that the area covered by the scheme was at the time the northern half of the Bellenden Ward when the southern half was in East Dulwich up to North Cross Road!)

    I have found an 1820 map which shows the two words of the name Peckham Rye straddling west and east of Rye Lane between Peckham Rye Common and Peckham Rye station. That leads to thinking that the village of Peckham Rye is actually the habitation that is the two roads known as Peckham Rye East and Peckham Rye West, between Rye Lane / Heaton Road and East Dulwich Road. That Peckham Rye village of course is then different from Peckham Rye Common and Peckham Rye Park (which are not the same as each other!)

    Nunhead has a distinct identity, but is the same SE15 postcode as Peckham. The boundary is as we know ill defined and very subjective. The Peckham Experiment in the 1920s-1940s (very famous then and since for its ground breaking approach, that health has to be cultivated and is entirely different from sickness prevention, see was more in New Cross Gate and Nunhead than what we think of as Peckham! See the map at

    You might also be interested to see the map at
    This gives a name to the four quadrants in the SE15 area – West Peckham, East Peckham, Nunhead, Rye Lane West, and also to a fifth – Rye Lane East. It is the way I have found most useful to manage the large database of the Peckham Residents Network as these groupings show which areas might have common local interests.

    That was just in my database management until I produced the digital map on the website for our residents’ initiative for collating information for neighbourhood profiles. We will be writing up what the collected info says about what we like about our Bellenden / Rye Lane West neighbourhood and what we want changed or improved, so that we can put that alongside the PNAAP as our own residents' contribution to neighbourhood profiles. For info about this initiative please see and It is designed to be able to take photos and comments from all parts of SE15. I’d be excited if other areas took advantage of it for their own neihgbourhoods.
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  14. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Why do Southwark have to make it so confusing? If you look at the ward map of my former borough Lewisham, most of the wards correspond almost entirely with the area names:

  15. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    Good point. I lived in Camden and Hammersith & Fulham boroughs before Southwark and they seemed kinda simple too.

    I found an old 1857 map of the original London postcode districts nine years before NE was merged into E and the prefix given to Newcastle, and S was given to Sheffield and the area split between SW and SE. Why I''ll never know.

  16. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

    I thought it was the Electoral Commission that decides ward boundaries - as together the wards make up the parliamentary constituency boundaries. They all have to be a certain size in numbers of voters so sometimes lines have to be drawn in places that are not related to life on the ground. There are usually (?always?) consultations and possible public hearings on proposed changes so local organisations and individuals may get them changed a bit.

    The local political parties obviously take part in that so maybe if anyone active in that reads this could they tell us why Southwark's ward boundaries don't seem to be as coherent on the ground as Lewisham's?
  17. Peckhamrye

    Peckhamrye Lives for South East London

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  18. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    "We live right on the East side of Peckham Rye" - isn't that Nunhead then?
  19. Peckhamrye

    Peckhamrye Lives for South East London

    We live on Peckham Rye road itself so I feel we're more Peckham...not bothered either way really!!
  20. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

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