Tesco for Crofton Park?

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If Tesco were to open a new express store in Crofton Park, would you use it?

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  1. Definitely! The more BOGOFs in my life the better!

  2. Maybe, but I would still use other local stores as well.

  3. Never. I avoid this corporate monster at all costs!

  1. Paddy O M

    Paddy O M Regular

    A lady who works in Mr Lawrence was telling me at the weekend that the rumour going around the mill in Crofton Park is that Tesco is opening in the former 'Master Windows' unit on the corner of Brockley Road and Sevenoaks Road. Would seem a bit daft to me given the sizable Budgens across the street and the extended Co-Op down by Crofton Pk station, however given that Tesco recently opened 2 new stores on Lewisham High Street/Rushy Green within a few hundred yards of each other (Ladywell & Catford) then I wouldnt put anything past them. Anyone heard anything more substantive than local rumours who can enlighten us on whether this is happening?
  2. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    .... OK I don't get everything right ...but what you might find is that they are building residential properties there and if you pop into Budgens you will see the petition and planning map - Budgens are AGAINST of course.
  3. annacurious

    annacurious Respected Local

  4. DCGH

    DCGH Member

    Presumably the flats are the real investment for Tesco. Well, once they've swallowed themselves into aisle 49.

    Crofton seems to be well served with 2 mini marts. Brockley Cross is lacking. The 'fresh food' in Costcutter is appalling .
  5. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    O I see now...
    Crofton Park
    The demolition of existing commercial units and flats at 437-439 Brockley Road SE4 and construction of a single to four storey building, incorporating balconies and terraces, comprising a retail unit (Use Class A1) on the ground floor and 4 one bedroom and 5 two bedroom self-contained flats above, together with the provision of 12 bicycle spaces, a bin store and associated landscaping.
    Case Officer:
    Steve Isaacson
    Case Officer Tel:
    020 8314 8704
    Mr SJell
    Sub Rosa Architecture Ltd
    The Studio
    52 Pine Avenue
    DA12 1QZ

    The Black Ant Company Ltd
    Jute House
    Valmar Works
  6. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Is it that bad? It's not my local supermarket anymore, but I used to find it ok most of the time, perfectly adequate and then you've got Degustacion & The Broca Food Market for the posh stuff.
  7. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    Take walk over to St Norbert's road and you will find a deli / veg. shop... O and a new super market is coming to town just behind the train station Mantle road end!
  8. Roggie

    Roggie Respected Local

    One of the workmen on site said it was to be a Tescos. I wouldn't be surprised if it was (certainly its not needed but that doesn't stop them). The main fuss may be the loading bay proposed in Sevenoaks Road which means the large HGV's that service these shops would have to use Brockley Hall Road on every journey - hardly a road designed from largish vehicles. Sevenoaks is also on the cycle network and HGV's and cyclist are not the best of friends.... I've just sent Lewisham through my objections - mainly on the loading bay grounds.

    Its also going to put extra pressure on residents parking as many houses there already have crossovers - not o mention the vehicles the residents of the new development will have.

    Of course the planning process can't have a say in what company uses the retail units as its not a change of use.
  9. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    OMG .... lets all sign that petition!
  10. annacurious

    annacurious Respected Local

    Hmm... i've just actually got round to reading through all the application documents on the link i posted above, which also shows the drawings of how it would look - it looks pretty tall in relation to the neighbouring buildings to me! (though this height had previously been approved in an earlier application).

    It's pretty rubbish that there's no mention/consideration of the impact of the Sevenoaks Road loading bay on the cycle route though. I use this route daily so I've also sent in my comments to Lewisham planning dept. that there should be an impact assessment for this. (i think it would probably be ok, though there should be some clear notice/indication by the loading bay that it is a cycle route etc).

    I'm not totally sure on the jutting out tall bit of the building design, but i think it will surely look a whole lot better than the scrap yard that was down the side/back.
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  11. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London

    The planning application is in the name of Black Ant Company, a developer that builds houses and retail across South London, and I believe it also owned by the same person as Antic (various pubs across South London). I am not aware of any of their other developments turning the retail into Tesco, but that does not exclude the possibility.However, Tesco will make no money from the flats.

    I would expect that the site is a little on the small side for Tesco (320 sqm) - I'm comparing this to one of their smaller shops in SE26 which is still 380 sqm (18% larger). The Tesco I'm thinking of has not put the larger Costcutter out of business less than 200 yards away. In fact since the Tesco has opened a number of independent shops seem to have strengthened the identity 'Kirkdale Village', often high street supermarket names attract local people and the increased footfall can assist other local businesses.

    That doesn't mean I'm in favour of the planning application. It looks very disjointed from the neighbouring properties and I'm not sure this is entirely appropriate.
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  12. Roggie

    Roggie Respected Local

    I was at the planning committee for the original application (I am very sad) and it was stated that the height (I doubt this is much higher) was not much more than the Brockley Jack at its highest point. I may well write (again) to the planning department asking about Lewisham's policies on loading bays and existing retail usage - given that neither the Co-op nor Budgens have dedicated loading bays - nor did the previous unit need one either. I just don't think these vehicles should be using roads like Brockley Hall Road on a regular basis.
  13. Carys

    Carys Local

    I love that Budgens - it always has a lot of the 'obscure' things that I sometimes struggle to find even in Sainsbury's. I'm not saying I never shop in Tesco, but I couldn't do a full shop in most - they never have what I want. The area is well-served by Budgens and the Co-Op - there is no need for a Tesco there.
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  14. donnamcarr

    donnamcarr Newbie

    I believe that we should resist this new Tesco onslaught at all costs. It will have a disasterous impact on small businesses in the area and will change the nature of the high street, from one where many small independent shops can flourish to one where Tesco undercuts all others, leaving a high street with boarded up shells of the shops that simply couldn't compete with this behemoth. Also, we have a perfectly good Budgens and Co-op, so I don't see the need for yet another supermarket outlet. I'm sure the good people of Sevenoaks Road are jumping for joy too - not. Far too close to residential properties.
  15. Jason Page

    Jason Page Member

    This is bad. The high street needs good coffee before 9am, NOT another grocery store. We're fine with Budgens, Mr. Lawrence and the lot.
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  16. annacurious

    annacurious Respected Local

    Just to update this thread - i've had a letter from Lewisham planning to confirm that the application for the development as above has been refused.
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  17. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

  18. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    Will you tell Budgens the great news or should I?

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