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Discussion in 'South East London General Discussion' started by Nick Barron, Jan 11, 2012.

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    montague arms is a great pub, havn't been for ages.
  3. Ed Waller

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    the Montague should be a good candidate for a makeover. Would be a real shame to lose it forever.
  4. MSG

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    I found this recently:

    Food hygiene rating for Catford Bridge Tavern is very poor. I have eaten there before and the food was really nice and have also recommended the pub to many in the area- wonder what goes on in the kitchen. Hopefully this improves..

    Richard Salthouse- are you aware of this rating?
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    What a fabulous link. Makes very interesting reading using the search tool.
  6. cupcake_girl

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    yikes, quite a few local places with 1s: hills & parkes; brockley mess; oscars; hungry horace.

    pleased there are a few 5s including Babur and nandi&nandi.
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    I probably shouldn't be too blasé but I kind of am. my kitchen at home and how I prepare food probably contravenes basic fod hygene regs. I'll still eat in some '1s' and avoid some horid junk food '4s & 5s' and visa versa. Bit like school league tables, bit of a blunt tool. Would be good to see the full report and remember some are a year or so old so they may have quickly rectified the issues. Some new traders may have had a bit of a learning curve, Mike&Ollie at brockley market get a '1' and i'd walk over broken glass to get one of their wraps.

    Having said that, its good that the ratings are out there so you can decide what to do and gives the traders a poke.
  8. cle

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    Hi - first post here.

    I'd like to throw Hoopers/Ivanhoe Arms in SE5 into the mix here. A lovely local which has seemingly been closed since Christmas. Definitely ripe for a good takeover...
  9. Brockley Jon

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    Actually, I'm going to throw one in which is slightly outside of SEC jurisdiction. The Harvester at the end of Lordship Lane has been shut for a while and is ripe for a refit! It's a great pub, big plot, car park, garden, and there actually aren't that many pubs down that end. The nearest ones being The Greyhound in Dulwich Village, The Plough further towards Dulwich, or the pubs in Forest Hill - all a good walk away, so that pub would have a fairly captive audience, if it were done right. Maybe someone is already working on it as I write this. Here's hoping.
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  10. The Honor Oak on Brockely Rise though we hear rumours of a mangement takeover....
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    On a semi-related subject, has anyone been in the One Bar/White Horse recently?
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    Have read through a number of these posts, and as a Catford resident, would like to say that we have moved allegiance from the Station at Hither Green to the Catford Constitutional (Antic)...which is much nicer. The Station was pretty good when we moved in 2012, having had some substantial changes made by the new managers. sadly they have moved on and the place seems to have subsided into resting on its laurels and relying on the fact that there is so little credible competition.
  14. The Alex in Penge is being taken over and done up by Late Knights brewery (Penge) and Antic are set to take over a big site on Penge highstreet to compliment the Goldsmiths Arms they opened last year across the road.
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    Ha your request finally came true! Was revamped maybe a year ago and even hosts DJ nights. Haven't yet been but looks promising. The other revamped one in the Old Kent Road intersection is the Five Bells. It sells craft beer now, apparently.

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