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Discussion in 'South East London General Discussion' started by Nick Barron, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Nick Barron

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    I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the area's best and most useful blogs and other relevant websites - not least because the Brockley Central links list needs an update.

    So, in no particular order - here are my suggestions:

    Brockley Central
    Deptford Dame
    The East Dulwich Forum
    Ladywell Village Improvement Group
    The Charlton Champion
    Kidbrooke Kite
    Greenwich Phantom
    Blackheath Bugle
    E Shooters Hill
    Forest Hill
    Londonist - not SE-specific, but is one of the few London sites to give SE proper attention

    What others should be on the list?
  2. darryl

    darryl Fountain of Southern Knowledge

  3. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Ooh, Murky Depths is a good one, not seen that before, thanks.
  4. SSC

    SSC Respected Local

    Bold Vision? They are a charitable social enterprise but also carry a lot of useful local information as well as organising events -
  5. mg_

    mg_ Local

  6. Lew ish

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  7. hilly

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    london masala and chips (eltham); we love woolwich is a bit sporadic, however it has an excellent photo section; there's a lot of plumstead bloggers, but the main two are plumsteadshire (who can go quiet, but is quite an effective campaigner and has been going since 2005) and plummy mummy; there's also the plumstead integration project (PiP). Over in Bexley, there's arthur pewty's (weekly) maggot sandwich (erith and bexley, sometimes woolwich); plus there are two very prolific and noisy bloggers in bexley: bexley is bonkers and you've been cromwelled, both of whom are now receiving legal threats from bexley council for their efforts! Despite being from E3, Diamond geezer has done some wonderful stuff on south east london, and is in some ways more intrepid in our area than the locals are (his stuff on thamesmead for example talks about things that no one here has got round to).

    (ps thanks for including e-shoootershill)
  8. nunheader

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  9. Peckham Paul

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  10. oryx

    oryx Local

    It's a forum rather than a blog, but I find really useful for what's going on in the Honor Oak Park area (and Forest Hill).
  11. Then again, you could help build the Honor Oak forum at SEC if you live there :)
  12. oryx

    oryx Local

    I do both!
  13. DBRM

    DBRM Local

    Hollowlegs is more of a food blog but the author lives in Brockley so you get the occasional local restaurant review in tree as well

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