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Discussion in 'About South East Central & Your Feedback' started by Nick Barron, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. darryl

    darryl Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Would it be worth doing "Elsewhere in SE London" as a category, as well as "The rest of London", so those of us who are peering over the fence can have a place to live?
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  2. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

  3. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Yes, I guess I counted everywhere else not covered by the area forums as "the rest of London" but you're right. Time to throw Charlton Champions a bone :)
  4. kerrypolka

    kerrypolka Member

    Where does Nunhead discussion/information go? Are we not big enough for our own subforum? ;)
  5. St Doughnut

    St Doughnut Newbie

    Thank you for taking the time to set up SEC, a really great idea.
    As has been said, BC was acting in some ways as a forum already. I wonder if i will miss the anons?

    Would 'general discussion' not be better placed at the top of the list with more specific subjects/areas lower down?
  6. Oaksys

    Oaksys Regular

    Hi Nick,
    Congratulations on the new site. It should do well and add to the great work you do with Brockley Central. I've added a link on
  7. clogsilk

    clogsilk Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    I think this could be a really useful forum, but I must admit to finding the plethora of forums and sub forums within them a little hard to navigate and it's very hard to know what's new!

    Is there a view where I can just see all threads on one page in the order they were posted?
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  8. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Hi Clogsilk. Not yet exactly, the closest you can get to this is in Members > view recent activity.
  9. Ramble66

    Ramble66 Lives for South East London

    Or the What's new button at the top of the page?
  10. Ewan-M

    Ewan-M Member

  11. clogsilk

    clogsilk Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    I think it would be a good addition, at the moment it's pretty much impossible to navigate on a mobile, whereas just one list of all threads would be more doable.
  12. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Thanks very much!
  13. SSC

    SSC Respected Local

    I think Kerrypolka means an area within southeastcentral similar to those that New Cross, Brockley et al have . . . I should add that I am assuming Nunhead doesn't fall outside the 'southeastcentral' geographical designation (?)
  14. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    There is a thread here asking people to nominate the areas they think we should add. What we want to avoid is creating empty sub-forums, which aren't conducive to lively debate. Therefore, we've created sub-forums for the areas where we think most of our users will be from in the early stages, based on the main areas that Brockley Central covers and where we think the blog's readers are based. However, if lots of people from Nunhead are on here and want their own section, we will create one.
  15. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

  16. Matt

    Matt Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Not much happening in Catford or Hither Green.
  17. clogsilk

    clogsilk Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Nothing much on this forum for sure...
  18. MC Turtle

    MC Turtle Member

    If you live in either of those areas you could help by starting new threads?

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