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    Something which I have to share with others as it is such fun...

    Usually when one has to separate eggs for a recipe it is a matter of either hunting out the egg separator that you bought years ago and use once in a blue moon and which is probably lost in the bottom of your kitchen gadget drawer, or else going all professional cheffy and cracking the eggs with great panache to pour from one half shell to the other, and even if you manage the necessary clean break getting egg white on your hands and quite often some of the yolk into the carefully separated white. But no more! Courtesy of my 19-year old son I have discovered the magic of plastic water bottles.

    Break the egg into a bowl - relatively carefully so the yolk remains intact. Take a normal 300ml empty water bottle. Gently squeeze the sides, hold it upsidedown and place the top of the bottle over the egg yolk. Slowly relax the pressure on the sides and the yolk is schlooped up into the bottle. Lift it slightly and the white slithers down under gravity into the bowl while the yolk, in its meniscus, is held in the bottle by the partial vacuum. You can then move the bottle, still held upsidedown, over the bowl in which you are collecting the egg yolks and, with a gentle squeeze of the bottle, deposit the yolk therein. A highly enjoyable process (but then my mother always used to say that cooking was really child's play) and the problem is finding enough excuses to make meringues and cheese straws.
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    Though I happen to enjoy separating whites by cracking eggs, I absolutely adore the appliance of science in this method. Thanks for sharing.

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