Saving the Peckham Multi Storey

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    Each year on the first Saturday of September (5th) one of the last open air community events of the season is the community Peckham Rye Fete. It is a great fun day with lots of interesting local village-type activities and interesting food, and old friends and new friends to meet. Peckham Vision - - has had a stall there for several years with up to date news of town centre developments. It is a lovely day of conversations about Peckham - its future and its past and its current state of being.

    This year our focus is on saving the Peckham Multi Storey from the Council’s plan for demolition and redevelopment, to ensure that its viable future as a cultural activities centre is properly tested as the Planning Inspector said it should be. This has to be settled in the development of the Council’s planning policy for the borough. So it has a number of stages.

    Please come and learn what is at stake and how local people can contribute to the development of a sensible policy for that building and other big issues for the development of Peckham. For some background info see

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