Restaurant review: The Caspian, Burnt Ash Road, Lee SE12

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    Before I moved to Lee, I spent many nights after work viewing various flats and walking up and down the roads surrounding the station. On my first visit I walked past the Caspian Persian restaurant opposite the Lord Northbrook pub and promised myself a meal there. Well, I finally moved, and as a treat popped in last night for dinner.

    We got there about 19.30, and it was empty apart from another family eating dinner. We were quickly seated by a very attentive member of staff who let us choose where to sit (window seat for people watching obviously). The menu has lots of choice with Persian specialties and starters, alongside lots of different meat-based skewer dishes. A lot of the menu can also exchange meat for Quorn if you are vegetarian . The starters were amazing, lovely flavours, and some freshly baked bread which was very moreish. Unfortunately, the salmon dish was not available as they had run out of the sauce so I was recommended the sea bass which was cooked to perfection. The accompanying saffron rice was really good too. My partner had a traditional stew with Quorn substituted for lamb which he said was very nice although he would have liked a slightly bigger portion. We also enjoyed a bottle of pomegranate wine which was served in very ornate glasses. By this point we were stuffed and paid the bill - I didn't see a dessert menu but I hear they do saffron ice-cream which I would like to try. By this point two more families had arrived for dinner and the restaurant was much busier and livelier. We paid our bill, which was £55 for a bottle of wine, two starters, basket of bread and two mains.

    Overall, I would definitely go there again, I found the service good, portion size value for money, and the menu was interesting and varied. They are open quite late - until 11pm most nights - and they are also shut on a Monday.
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