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Discussion in 'Peckham' started by Stuart, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Stuart

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    Recently there was a Peckham Rye Station event giving information of further developments at the station itself along with Peckham Vision showing their plans for Peckham Town centre and the Old Waiting Room on platform 3.

    From what I can tell, I think the main problem with Southeastern is the lack of community consultation and openness, but I doubt anything major will happen at Nunhead - Brockley's station was given a make over mainly because of the arrival of the ELL/Overground, which also comes to Peckham Rye (and Queens Road Peckham) next year. Work has already started according to TfL:

  2. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    I see that Nunheads Voice (formerly the Nunhead Community Forum) joined up here yesterday - maybe we can see what kind of pressure they could put on the powers that be?

    btw I just discovered an amazing photo of how Peckham Rye Station used to look - I barely recognise it at all!


    The Peckham Vision site also has a model of how they'd like Peckham Rye station restored to. Sadly I suppose Nunhead Station has never really had any architectural merit to rival this one.

  3. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    Peckham Vision have a, er, vision, but we also need to get SRUG on here as well and see what they can come up with, I think.

    Talking of which, is Rye Lane still sealed off, does anyone know? Peckham Rye station was shut most of Mon and Tues for obvious reasons and then you could enter/exit from the back only.
  4. Medley

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    Email Rail Minister Theresa Villiers now at to get a better service from Peckham Rye to Victoria from next year - to make up for the cutting of the South London Line.

    The South London Line currently links London Bridge and Victoria, but it's being chopped next year - victim of the remodelling of London Bridge Station.

    HOWEVER, there is a chance for some of the damage to be averted, if Southeastern trains could be stopped at Peckham Rye and then go to Victoria.

    Click on the Southwark Rail Users Group website for more details and email addresses - towards the bottom of the page.

  5. fran

    fran Proper Local

    I am on the case but have no new facts to give you at the present time.
    I think the ideas for the station and surround are fantastic. I can only suggest that you would be most welcome to join SRUG and I'm urging you and anyone else reading this to email in and get involved.
    Our website with information updates can be found at
    We can be contacted directly at
  6. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

    To follow up Fran's post - Cllr Fiona Colley is probably the best source of information about improvement possibilities to both QPR and Nunhead stations. They are both in her Nunhead ward and she is the senior councillor in charge of regeneration. So if it hasn't already happened I would encourage users of these two stations to get together and seek a meeting at some stage with Cllr Colley to go over all the possibilities, and the most useful actions to take them forward and seek user involvement.

    On Peckham Rye station the lead is taken by Peckham Vision as part of its work on that central part of Peckham town centre. SRUG's main focus is the rail services that all local seven stations share, and happy to contribute info etc on the rail system and rail companies etc as part of individual station users' campaigns. Are there any local residents' groups around QRP area who could be brought into this discussion?
  7. pembroke pete

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  8. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

    yes it's
    yes it's true! It is a good example of what can happen when there is real genuine working collaboration between the council, active residents and the political process. Great thanks to Fiona for her very signifcant contribution to enabling this to happen. Fiona will be able to give more details on here as this is now a major Council project which will join with the work that we as Peckham Vision continue to do. We have work in hand in the next few months to reveal the original beautiful staircase from the forecourt and to creat public access through that into the Old Waiting Room. I will post latest info on all this on the website as soon as poss and post the link here.
  9. pembroke pete

    pembroke pete Fountain of Southern Knowledge

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  10. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Yes indeed! I'm absolutely delighted. Also mystified by the after picture on the GLA site (perhaps a side view of Blenheim Grove?), the one posted further up this thread is much better.

    We don't know exactly how much money we'll be getting from GLA (we believe the decision on that will be in January) to go alongside council funding, but I've been given the following more detailed press release from GLA which I understand they've sent to the local papers.

    Mayor unveils plans for major revamp of Peckham Town Centre

    The Mayor of London and Southwark Council have unveiled plans for a major revamp of Peckham Town Centre, helping to boost the local economy and bring much needed employment to the area.

    The proposed £3-5m project will be funded by the Mayor’s £70m Regeneration Fund, set up to help repair the damage caused to high streets and town centres in the August riots, £20m of which was secured from central Government and the rest from City Hall.

    Working together, the Mayor, Southwark Council and its partners are developing a proposal that will help Peckham Town Centre benefit from extension of the East London Line and see improvements to the platforms and facilities at Peckham Rye station as part of the National Station Improvement Programme. Highlights include:

    • Creating a new, high quality public square outside Peckham Rye station - by clearing and demolishing the arcade buildings in front of the station and installing the electricity and lighting infrastructure needed to allow flexible use of the area, for example to locate outdoor market stalls.
    • Transforming the plaza to the rear of Peckham Rye station - by relocating existing light industrial businesses and refurbishing the railway arches to a high standard to stimulate investment and support growth of the night-time economy.
    The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “The plans put forward for Peckham Rye are hugely exciting and have the potential to boost the local economy and bring great benefits to everyone living in the area. I really hope the community get behind these plans and give them the support they need to become a reality.”

    Councillor Fiona Colley, cabinet member for regeneration at Southwark Council, said: “Peckham's Rye Lane was once one of London's premier shopping streets featuring department stores like Jones & Higgins, but sadly it's become rather run down. For instance Peckham Rye Station is a beautiful Victorian Grade II listed building, but it's hidden away from view behind a tatty shopping mall. In recent years we've been working with local residents' group, Peckham Vision, to improve the station starting with the old waiting room. What we really want to do is knock down the mall and create a fantastic new public square in front of the station - a grand entrance is just what Peckham needs to welcome residents and visitors alike and to help kick start the local economy."

    Southwark Council’s proposal to the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund, which is yet to be finalised, will be subject to public consultation and planning approval. Once through this local process it will then be submitted to the Mayor’s Regeneration Investment Group with final agreement expected in early 2012.

    Notes to editor
    • 14 boroughs worst affected by the riots, and with the greatest potential for economic growth, were invited to apply for funding from the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund. These are: Camden, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Southwark, Waltham Forest, Westminster and Wandsworth.
    • The boroughs were identified using the Recovery Cell impact assessment showing which areas had been worst affected during the riots. The Recovery Cell was a group set up for liaison and information sharing after the riots and consisted of key public agencies such as LFPEA, the MPS, the GLA and local authorities.
    • Proposals from each will be formally approved, subject to a business case to show how the investment will bring long term growth and jobs to the area, through the normal GLA investment decision processes. They will then be assessed by the Regeneration Investment Group and the Investment Programme Management Board before final approval from the Mayor
    • Launched on August 11th the Mayor’s £50 million regeneration fund will be invested in large scale proposals and will ensure the affected areas are not only restored but re-built to be better places to live, work and invest in. The regeneration proposals will be developed with communities and Councils with contracts awarded for the work going to as many local businesses and employing as many local people as possible. This will also include offering apprenticeships to unemployed people in the affected areas to give them vital skills to move into work. A further £20m was added to the fund on August 17th when the Government awarded funding to be specifically focused on the regeneration of Tottenham and Croydon – the two areas worst affected by the riots.
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  11. Peckham Paul

    Peckham Paul Respected Local

    It shows that the powers that be prefer to bank with Nat West, rather than the publicly owned LloydsTSB. :D

    Seriously - this is brilliant news. Is this pot of GLA cash the same one mentioned in the bid for Rebranding Nunhead?
  12. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    No, that's a different pot of cash, the Outer London Fund. We have bids in for Nunhead, Peckham and Camberwell, but probably won't know the outcome of those bids for a couple of months as the deadline was 14 November (though no doubt we'll hear before the Mayoral elections in May 2012 ;)).
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  13. DKZ

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    "£3m to help unlock the development of a CrossRail station in Greenwich, which will help unlock a large amount of private sector investment and development to regenerate the town centre"

    Town centre regeneration?
    Does it need it?

    First time I've heard of a mooted Crossrail station there too - unless they're getting confused with Woolwich. :rolleyes:

    The ELL arrives at PR and QRP the last quarter of 2012. I'm guessing it's a tall order to have the station site finished by then?
  14. SE Steve

    SE Steve Super-South-Easter

    As initiated by Fiona Colley, Queen's Road Peckham now has its own discussion thread here.
  15. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    DKZ - I guess they mean Woolwich in the London Borough of Greenwich...

    Re timescales, I think we can get some work done quickly (the staircase to the old waiting room, a lighting scheme), but there's a lot to get done before we can even start on the big plaza works. The mall doesn't belong to the council. Network Rail own the freehold (that should be ok), but there are some complex and long-term lease arrangements on the units in the mall. Hopefully we can reach negotiated agreements with the leaseholders, but if we have to go down a CPO route it could take some time. Of course we couldn't even start this process without having funding secured to see the project through.

    So realistically I think the completion of the plaza is still a few years off.
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  16. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

  17. sdp

    sdp Lives for South East London

    Of course barmy Boris wants to be seen to be doing something for the areas worst hit by the riots before he's up for re-election. I just hope he keeps his word cos it's such a badly needed project for the whole of SE15 and surrounding areas.

    I posted another artists's impression in the Rebranding Nunhead topic last month but going by the posts above...


    I'm even more confused. I thought it was the rear of PR station? But maybe this is the front?
  18. eileen

    eileen Lives for South East London

    Hi - you are right - the pic you have posted is the rear of the station. The pic given wrongly in the GLA press release and repeated in the SLP is of the side view of the rear, and not the front of the station. Please take a look here:

    All three pics are there side by side with accurate captions. Hope that clears up the mystery!
  19. Nunhead Nancy

    Nunhead Nancy Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    How many millions have we poured into Peckham in the last few years? And now the anti-tram Peckham Vision (i.e. Eileen) wants a complete overhaul of it's train station and plaza (something that wS first announced over four years ago) so it can go the way of the library and pool will within 20 years? Build it so they will tear it down?

    My favourite campaign was about litter at the station. Again PV (Eileen) blamed the Council. No one ever thought to blame those who tossed the litter.
  20. Camelegg

    Camelegg Proper Local

    I just get personally peeved at the dependency culture we've created in Peckham. Anything they ask for they get - to the tune of millions and millions, likely billions. Yet the library is a mad house, the pool/leisure centre an unpleasant place (so 'new' yet already suffering from damp, mould and peeling paint), Bellenden 'Village' struggling without subsidy...despite the mega investment, the people living there don't seem to take care of the place. So now they want a new train station makeover. No questions asked, give it to them!

    Yet the poor cousin Camberwell has gotten zero. It's a long time bug bear. I'm hardly surprised.

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