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Discussion in 'Peckham' started by Cllr. Cleo Soanes, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Love the idea of a large indoor market selling food and with some cafes that open late. Agree long opening hours are a real plus with kids, as is somewhere you can basically buy everything rather than leisurely stroll around to pick up fruit and veg then to the deli for cheese & cheesecake (cheesecake mm mmm delish) and other shops for basics and so on... (as I did sometimes pre-baby!).

    All debate is good, especially if local councillors are participating! Thanks for the posts Cleo, Fiona et al!
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    phew - just got a reply from the owner of the Peckham Plex on the 'Lost Picture houses' thread. It is not closing - woohoo!

    Perhaps some of the people with concerns about the cinema could also voice their issues - as he says he'd like to know :)

    "PECKHAMPLEX CLOSING - ABSOLUTE NONESENSE! This is very interesting news to me. I am the principal owner of Peckhamplex alongside the other directors of the company. We have an 80 year lease, and have absolutely no intention of closing. Quite the reverse is true. We are independent of any of the chains and most of the people who work with us are local. Since we took over in 2010, we have invested in the fabric of the place, widened the film offering, introduced parents and babies screenings, worked with the community on lots of local projects, hosted various film festivals, obtained an alcohol licence and built up a community of friends with who we communicate every week. We screen most first run films of the majors and a wide range of independent work. We are probably the cheapest cinema in London. Please visit us. Do contact us with your views and ways we can continue to provide you with the best in filmed entertainment. www. Peckhamplex is here for good."
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    Brilliant news! Thank you for this Emma. I remember the cinema joined up here (under Peckham Managers) a while ago and started promoting some films they had on. Maybe remind them about this website?
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    Good to know, thanks for that! I knew they'd posted somewhere about the broader scope too - "one independent, art-house or foreign language film" per week - because I haven't noticed that happening lately. I have sent him a message!

    Although I didn't mean that thread, I just meant where the Peckham Plex manager, under his new moniker of John Reiss (must have forgotten his old login), has posted refuting the reported closing of the cinema.

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    Just want to confirm John's post - PeckhamPlex is NOT closing.

    I think the confusion has arisen because the council's draft Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan envisions that at some point within the next 15 years the multistorey carpark building the cinema is in will be redeveloped, BUT we don't expect that to be particularly soon (prob not within next 5 years) AND in any case we would provide a replacement cinema either on the same site or perhaps by Peckham Library.
  9. I'd just like to formerly thank Carly Amey - a local Peckham florist for donating the wonderful christmas tree which adorned Peckham Square in December. Ms Amey said that she wished to 'Inject some christmas spirit into Peckham'. She enthused that she hopes to be able organise a Christmas Fayre on the square this year- A fantastic idea, that I will fully support!
  10. No I'm not, so I'm happy to be corrected if that's the case? What was Pathfinder anyway?
  11. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Peckham Plex's support and contribution to the success of the Peckham Free Festival in 2011. On tuesday 10th January 2012, all those who attended the Peckham Community Council( which i chair) had the good fortune of viewing extracts from the wonderful range of films written and directed by our local Peckham teenagers, who had entered a short film competition as part of the festival. The quality and standard of the films were absolutely superb with the young filmakers receiving their awards at a ceremony held at Peckham Plex. This year, the organiser's hope that the festival will be bigger and better and I will certainly be supporting it all the way and I sincerely hope that you will too.
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    Dear Councillors,

    There are a few discussions going on throughout this forum regarding waste issues for household and recycling waste management for streets in Peckham. I am writing specifically about the immediate area around Queens Road and Asylum Road where I live, but the issue is present in many areas.

    I've lived on Asylum Road for 3 years now and since the council's partnership with Veolia and the revised refuse collection procedure (fortnightly collections) extra pressure is now on bins in peoples gardens and in some cases on pavements. Bins are overflowing considerably, particularly green bins, and in most cases with predominantly recyclable materials which 'should' be going in the blue and brown bins. There are also bags of rubbish left out on the street, next to where the proposed plaza will be at QPR (which may I add is an excellent plan), which sit there for a day or two and then are collected by Veolia..

    Following many calls with Veolia, which haven’t come too much, it is clear that a massive campaign for the borough is required to increase people’s awareness about recycling, the benefits and the fact that we won’t have to continue living in roads which contain overflowing bins. The leaflets showing families smiling and standing next to multi-coloured bins just won’t cut it anymore and something new and engaging is required.

    We all want Peckham to develop, and a major part of making an area attractive is to keep it clean. Overflowing bins seem like such an easy win?

    Hope you can help raise this on the agenda.


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