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Discussion in 'Peckham' started by Cllr. Cleo Soanes, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Hello
    My name is Cleo Soanes and I'm one of your three Labour councillors representing Peckham ward. I also chair the Peckham Community Council which currently comprises of Peckham ward and Livesey wards respectively.

    Please feel free to raise any local issues or concerns about Southwark Council and I'll certainly do my very best to help out. But, I would also be interested to hear about the 'success stories' and indeed to hear your views on how we can make things better.

    I will endeavour to check the forum approximately once a week or you can contact me directly on:

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

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  2. Hello,

    I'd like to ask about the Livesey building. Southwark being trustees, do you have a say as to whether the Museum Of Childhood for instance, might have a role to play in taking over the building - as mentioned in this thread.

    Retaining the building as a museum is probably a long-lost cause, which is rather depressing. Although the Telegraph Hill Society does want to keep tabs on the statue of George Livesey that is in the garden there. It would be grand to have in the Telegraph Hill Park if it ever has to be moved as he personally put up a third of the monies that originally developed it.
  3. Hello everyone,
    Further to Cleo's message, I am Chris Brown, another Councillor for Peckham Ward. I was elected back in July this year and so still a bit wet behind the ears, but happy to help with any issues so please do just let me know.
    I will check this site regularly, though if you have an urgent issue it would be best to email me direct at
    Thanks and all the best,
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  4. Hi Disco,

    Thank you very much for your enquiry.
    Bids to use the Livesey which must demonstrate community involvement have now been received from interested organisations. They are being assessed in preparation for decision making. All local organisations known to be interested will be kept up to speed. I've forwarded your comments and will get back to you, when I've had a response.

    Thank you once again
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  5. Antagonist

    Antagonist Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Hi, can anyone confirm which multi storey car park off Rye Ln is being earmarked for demolition ?

  6. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Is there more than one multi-storey carpark? Anyway, it's on Cerise Rd, Multiplex at the bottom and Frank's Cafe on the top, nothing much in-between as barely anyone parks there (why would you when Morrison's is free and feels much safer).

    Won't happen for a while though so looking to make better use of it in the meantime (maybe expand Frank's/Bold Tendancies) and sort out a new cinema as def don't want to lose it.
  7. Peckham Paul

    Peckham Paul Respected Local

    More housing then. Ugh.

    The views from Franks across the whole of London are unbeatable - I understand the car park is barely used but is it possible the site could be kept for public use but not as a car park?

    What about a Brixton Village style emporium featuring different themed stalls and retailers on each floor?

    Anything but housing!
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  8. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    I think the 19,000 people on our housing waiting list (and the many more who are ineligible for social housing but struggling to afford private sector rents or get on the housing ladder) might disagree.

    A Nunhead resident called me yesterday, she's living in a 1 bed council flat with 3 kids, but has virtually no chance of a transfer to a larger flat as she's so far down the waiting list (because there are thousands more families living like that or in even worse situations).

    This is a supply and demand issue - I can't see demand for housing dropping, all predictions are that London's population will continue to grow, so increasing supply through developing mixed use schemes on under-utilised sites seems a rationale policy response to me.
  9. sdp

    sdp Lives for South East London

    I totally get where you're coming from Fiona - and understand your rationale for more housing.

    Like you said, London's population is gonna continue to grow - so at one point do you (we?) say 'enough is enough' ?

    London and the South East of England is the most densely populated region of the entire continent of Europe!

    No matter how many new homes are built we will NEVER be able to keep up with demand.

    What about concentrating on the quality of life for those already living in the areas already heaving through over-population and discuss ways to make it harder for newcomers to settle here or give birth to umpteen children?

    If nothing is done one day this tiny island will sink!
  10. Hi Disco,

    Further to your recent enquiry re: The George Library Statue- I've received clarification on it's current status.Livesey was the son of the chief clerk and secretary of the South Metropolitan Gas Company, and Brought in a number of technical advances in gas production and storage- giving him an internalized Registration in the industry. He pioneered reforms to improve the status of workmen: from 1886, officers and firemen received a share of profits; in 1889, profit-sharing was extended to all workers; in 1894 it became full-fledged co-partnership. All gas companies eventually followed his lead. He built the Livesey Library out of his own pocket in 1890, and was knighted in 1902.

    The statue was commissioned by the directors of the old Metropolitan Gas Company in 1908 and was paid for by subscriptions from directors, shareholders and employees of the gas company and was erected outside the frameworks offices opposite the Livesey Museum. The statue being grade 2 listed in 1998 before it was transferred to its current location- the Livesey Museum garden.

    The statue forms part of the Southwark collection and therefore the Council would be unable 'dispose' of it to another organisation without a legal process.

    I hope this helps
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  11. nunhead belle

    nunhead belle Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    @Peckham Paul & Fiona Colley Re: housing issue, I thoroughly understand people need to be housed but are there no other ways of distributing housing rather than pile it high on any piece of land.

    What about empty buildings and houses that stand vacant for years, other areas within Southwark sharing the building of new homes?

    Plus, what about all the facilities for all these new homes? The nearest free withdrawal cash point and a post office are basics that are not always within walking distance for some people where housing is constantly being built.

    Housing is a sensitive and important issue, so needs to be thought about in different ways instead of just building on any vacant spot in certain areas. And finally, when there is nowhere left to build on what then?
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  12. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    The council does try to bring empty homes back into use, we have an Empty Homes Team (who regularly appear on the BBC daytime programme Britain's Empty Homes if you want to know more about their work) - but it's by no means easy and depending on their condition sometimes far from cost effective. The government is introducing some new policies and funding which may help, but it won't solve the housing crisis on it's own. You can read more about the government's empty homes plans in the recently published Housing Strategy for England.

    The target number of new homes for Southwark (set by the Mayor in the 2011 London Plan) is 20,050 new homes between 2011 and 2021, based on what the GLA believes to be the borough's capacity for new homes.

    When deciding where these new homes should be built, Southwark Council focuses on availability of development sites and the level of public transport accessibility. The Council has set the following areas as the main locations for housing growth in the borough:
    Canada Water 2,500 new homes (area which still has a large amount of post docking underused land, this target could increase as the Daily Mail print works are leaving)
    Elephant & Castle 4,000 new homes (with potential for up to 6,000)
    Borough, Bankside and London Bridge 1,900 new homes
    Aylesbury Estate 4,200 new homes (net increase of 1,450 as Aylesbury Estate to be redeveloped)
    Peckham 2,000 new homes

    For each of these area where we are anticipating major housing growth we also put in place development plan documents (like the Peckham Area Action Plan, which is currently a work in progress) which aim to identify what infrastructure improvements are needed to support this growth (eg more school places, transport upgrades, expansions to GP services, leisure and play facilities, open spaces) and to put mechanisms in place to ensure that new developments make sufficient financial contributions to pay for these (via s106, soon to be replaced by the Community Infrastructure Levy).

    We don't anticipate there being any significant development potential in areas like Nunhead or Dulwich, but this doesn't mean there will be no developments, just that there will probably be at most a couple of hundred new homes, not a few thousand. (As an aside, it also means there won't be significant financial contributions from developments to help pay for infrastructure improvements in Nunhead or Dulwich. There are pros and cons to having new developments in your local area.)

    Your final question is much harder to answer - it could be that London continues to become more densely populated (via demolition and building higher, like some sci-fi vision of a futuristic city? - not my favoured option) or London's economic catchment area could expands geographically supported by more major transport infrastructure projects like Crossrail 2 and High Speed 2 to make longer distance commuting possible, or perhaps more people will live outside London and work remotely (again requiring improved high speed broadband infrastructure) or perhaps we'll see a revival of other cities and regions outside London - the UK economy and job availability could be less heavily weighted towards London and the south east and so our population might becomes more evenly spread across the country. Who knows?
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  13. pembroke pete

    pembroke pete Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Hi Fiona

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the time you take on this forum (and off it looking at issues raised) - whatever people think about policies etc, it is great to have the kind of communication we have on here!

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  14. Head Nun

    Head Nun Respected Local


    I just posted about how Fiona puts the other Nunhead cllrs to shame in the Nunhead Ward thread.

    Now she's the one with all the answers in this thread for other wards too lol! (sorry Cleo! :oops:)
  15. But if you didn't give council homes to any asylum seeker or illegal immigrant that says 'jump' there wouldn't be such a problem. We've got ourselves in such a mess by having such an unregulated economy and housing system. In many other countries you have to have lived there for a few years before you're allowed to buy property - New Zealand and Oz for example. Why can't we put our existing citizens first? The ones who've paid their taxes all these years and still they're unable to get on the housing ladder or high enough up the council waiting list because the whole national system is so completely buggered!!
  16. David Peckham

    David Peckham Respected Local

    I'd like to second (or third) that it's very appreciated Fiona and Cleo providing this info and answers.

    I think it's obviously a national problem but there was a Channel 4 programme on earlier tonight called The Great British Property Scandal where they revealed that there are 1 million empty homes in England and councils are spending millions of council tax money just to keep them secure!

    How is this allowed to happen when the waiting lists are full to bursting ?
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  17. sdp

    sdp Lives for South East London

    Central government reduced or withdrew the Pathfinder funding once programmes were already in progress.
  18. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Pathfinder was an absolute scandal - a balls-up of epic magnitude.

    @Jungtheforeman - I take it you're not hugely familiar with council housing allocations policy?
  19. South East 15

    South East 15 Respected Local

    The wife and I refer to the Peckhamplex as "Stinkyplex". There is always an unpleasant smell there like it's not sufficiently cleaned or they use some foul smelling cleaner.

    But you get used to that pretty quickly (and it's not as bad as it used to be I think) and the seats are comfy, the screens large enough and the sound is always perfectly clear. All things considered £4.50 is a steal and it's just a short walk away for us.

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