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Discussion in 'Peckham' started by Nick Barron, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Peckham?
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    I can't speak for Peckham as a whole, but the Bellenden area is great. I was a Bellenden belle (towards Camberwell Grove) for a good couple of years and never had any cause for concern. Only time I've had an 'incident' round these parts was at Goose Green so Peckham, Nunhead, East Dulwich, wherever, it comes down to luck. Place and time. That's all.

    Now I often find myself walking home late from family and friends in Nunhead which means passing through Rye Lane and to be honest, while it's buzzing (great) during the day, there hardly ever seems to be anyone around at night when all the shops are closed.

    But anyway we were talking about Bellenden and I'd recommend it strongly to anyone who is thinking about moving there. Maybe not a 'village' per se like Nunhead, but compared to most places in London it does feel a bit like that, sort of out of the way, but close to 'destinations' such as Lordship Lane.

    Some good pubs, nice cafes, Review bookshop, Ganapati, Jamaican food, Anderson & Co, and plenty of the less pretty more practical stuff; late shop, great transport links to London etc. And great bollards!
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    I have been living in the area for more than 5 years now with my wife and until today, we never had any problems. My wife commutes every morning via Queens Road Peckham Station and gets back home after 19.00. She never felt in danger even when it is dark! In terms of places to eat/drink, 67 Peckham Road is great. The coffee there is really good (maybe the best in Peckham!!)! There is also a great deli in Consort Road with nice fresh food (Frog on the Green)... The cinema on Rye Lane is very cheap, not even £5 per person!!! We love going there.
    And finally in an investment point of view, Peckham could offer in some places, 7% return on a property!! Hard to do better...;)
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    I used to live half way between Peckham Rye and E Dulwich stations. When I first moved to the area I would always wait for an ED train back from London Bridge, even though there were some that only stopped at PR leaving before the ED train, because I didn't feel safe.

    However, I started using PR station more as it had the benefit of coming in from Victoria as well, and soon decided I felt much safer coming back from there than ED - as Head Nun says, there are shops open, more people around and for where I was living, meant I didn't have to walk along Grove Vale which is fairly empty and dark at night. Another big bonus for PR station is that there are usually staff there until at least 10 - 10.30pm.

    Now I live up by Peckham Rye station and I love it - there's always people about, and I feel totally safe living there. I'm young and female and as my housemates will testify, a complete wimp, so I don't think there's anything more to worry about at Peckham Rye station than there is anywhere else in London.
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    I have lived in south of Peckham Rye train station for quite some time now and have had no problems (excepting our doormat being stolen once). We have cars in the street and nothing has happened to them (one was keyed in the previous place I lived in north London tho).

    I commute to Blackfriars and for this PR train station is very convenient. And easy accessiblity to London Bridge and Victoria is great. Myself and the Mrs regularly use it late in the evening and it always seems busy and safe. I seriously doubt it is more dangerous than the London average.

    Rye Lane is kind of 'fun' to walk up occasionally, but there isnt too much I'd want to buy there, but again, I have never felt particularly unsafe. The people are overwelmingly decent working class black people going about their business. In our street in SE15 I hear far less yelling than I ever heard the other side of the river, where there were often scummo (white) chavs screaming for hours at each other. No foxes screetching all night either.

    The PR station itself could certainly do with a spruce up (though that looks like its gonna happen finally) and the shops around it are smelly and messy, but essentially within 1 minute of leaving the station property in the area is very pretty (nicer than most of East Dulwich) with early/mid Victorians on lovely tree-lined streets, virtually no ugly buildings at all. On my morning commute I have not noticed anyone loitering around / causing problems.

    Facilities - Peckham Rye park is great; there are some really good pubs, cafes and restaurants in the Bellenden Road area which means you don't necessarily have to do a 10-15min walk to Lordship lane for good pizza, pastries, coffee, curry etc.

    At the end of 2012 the East London line goes through PR station. So for me - I'd much prefer the 40min per day saving on the commute compared to other routes.
  10. To many outsiders, Rye Lane and much of the housing / industrial areas / council estates of Peckham are fairly indistiguishable from about 1/2 the built up area of London with the exception it is more black and more street-vibrant than most.

    London is mostly working class areas, full of small narrow houses, big 60/70s estates, little shops or local restaurants with garage doors, tired Victorian pubs, charity shops, chain chicken shops (invariably with some US theme) and a mish mash of light industrial. Rye Lane could be anywhere - virtually the whole east and south east, more than 1/2 of the north and north west and a reasonable chunk of the West /South west. For each middleclassey Fulham or Dulwich there are 10 Catfords or Lewishams.

    If and when this is a problem, either outlay high-6 or 7-figures for the nicer pockets, or move to the home counties and play polo.
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    ...What's good and bad about Peckham?

    Very Good :)
    My OAP Bus Pass!

    Very Bad :mad:
    Heavy rumbling, ground shaking, potential chimney-toppling TfL Double Decker rat-running juggernaut buses all of a sudden using our once quiet residential road every few minutes all hours day and night!
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    I've lived in Peckham for ten years and i'm very fond of it. There's always something going on, I'm a fan of the Bussey Building, Melange Chocolate and our local, total bargain cinema, The Peckham Plex. I often check out the Sunday morning farmer's market at the library (also fab - I read a lot of books!) and try and get around to all the other things, like what's on at the galleries - Hannah Barry and Sassoon, South London and so on.
    Another thing I've always found brilliant about Peckham is how you can get to just about anywhere on public transport. I keep finding new routes, such as the direct train to St Pancras, I can get from Peckham to Paris in a couple of hours with the right connections!
    OK - well I don't really know what else people might want to know about lovely Peckham, but if you think of anything do ask!
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    The Reliant is a brand new community and arts magazine for Dulwich, Camberwell and Peckham. The first issue comes out 1st February. We are aiming to change the area's reputation and show people that it is a great place to live with loads of exciting things to do. Please support us by following us on twitter @thereliantmag and on facebook /thereliant

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    Please! Not Facebook and Twitter which some of us absolutely abhore being domains of facile, twittering ignoramuses which we refuse to login to. I, for one, rely on your Reliant being reliable as to be posted in an accessible format that all may access without embarrassment. Thank you

    (Btw: I used to own two Reliant three-wheeler cars with "Dad and "Lad" denoted as a capitalised lettered section of their registration plates.)
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    Don't worry Rob the magazine will be a tangible object printed on half berliner news print. 3000 copies will be distributed over Camberwell, Dulwich, Peckham and surrounding areas. We hope you will enjoy the content. The first issue covers many areas including comedy, art, photography, books, music and local issues. We are also supporting the Kings College Children's Ward and will be raising money and awareness for them throughout the year.

    Thanks for your support
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    The BBC World piece was great. The Guardian 'Let's move to...' feature? Not so good. I shuddered at the 'Give it five years and it'll be like Clapham' line. Definitely not what I want to see happen to Peckham - and hopefully not what will come to pass after the new stretch of the London Overground opens at the end of the year.
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