#OurNHS Demo - 4 March 2017

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    Dear South East Londoners,


    The threats to the National Health Service, we've been mentioning for the past couple of years in this thread ->http://www.southeastcentral.co.uk/threads/the-nhs-the-threats-are-serious.7041/ are now coming to a head.

    So much so, there will be a national demonstration on the 4 March this year, called by our national group and Health Campaigns Together. Locally, the Save lewisham hospital, is promoting the march, as is Lewisham KONP - Keep Our NHS Public, to get as many people as possible involved and aware of the issues and what's at stake. If spot them or us stop by, have a chat, ask us some questions.

    Here's one article, which highlights the acute nature of the threat

    Here's video from yesterday's, 28 March, action in central London

    we wish you all good health & happiness
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    If you are coming to this very important demo on the 4 March, you are warmly invited to come along on Sunday 26 Feb, 12-3 to New Cross Learning, for a placard making event. We created a thread on in here http://www.southeastcentral.co.uk/threads/new-cross-learning-placard-making-event.10106/

    Currently, Feb 2017, there's almost daily new crisis headlines about the NHS; '1000s of bed cut', 'waiting times up', 'targets for waiting times changed', 'threatened closures and downgrades of emergencies services', on and on it goes, calls for public inquiries, stps, distractions about health tourism . It's complicated but not that complicated; remove the internal market, fund the NHS properly inline with the predicted inflationary factors; the ageing population, mental health issues becoming physical health matters, plus increase the focus on prevention and early detection, to avoid acute illness and the resulting expensive remedial responses.

    The NHS is efficient
    The US spends 17% of its GDP on Healthcare, 85% of population covered , in the UK we spend 9% of our GDP on the NHS and we are all covered, and for us there's few forms to fill. Cherish the NHS, fight for the NHS, because once/if it has gone, that will be the real 'Bregret'

    What needs to be demanded
    That the NHS is
    - Publicly provided (by directly employed NHS staff)
    - Publicly accountable (by restoring the secretary of state for health's "duty to provide")
    - Publicly funded (by general taxation)

    If anyone of us lot in South East London can get that into a pithy phrase or engaging image on a placard, we'll be winning!
    Do come on to the event, or please spread the word about it.
    Best wishes
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    We're in the endgame of the NHS as we know it. We can't stress this enough.
    Please be at the demo on Saturday, if you can't be then please amplify the discussions, on social media, Facebook, twitter use #OurNHS

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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    NHS Demonstration today!!! Be loud and proud of the NHS*.

    12PM Meet at Tavistock Sq
    1PM March sets off
    2:30-4PM Rally

    *the crisis around the NHS are practical issues; organisation, funding, but there's an existential issue too, whereby the service is being attacked as being 'old fashioned', a post-war relic, not fit for the 21st century, this makes it easier for reforms that gut the nature of the service to happen - the Health and social care act 2012, whereby the responsibility for the health of citizens was removed from the secretary of state.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Awful: Yesterday, 13th March news came to light in the Health Services Journal, in a report by Esther Oxford, (subscriber wall). That a Richard Branson affiliated company Virgin Care Services Ltd is *suing* the NHS in the High Court over the awarding of an £82 million, health contract to provide Children's community services.


    This incident is *precisely* why we say keep the NHS public (see earlier posts in this thread). In one sense, you can't blame the Branson company for suing the NHS because they didn't win a contract. That’s what commercial businesses do. They have to make a profit*, they have to win contracts, if they don't if affects the bottom line. (*Virgin Care not making a profit as per 2015 analysed figures source-> https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/21/ow-lucrative--deals-go-to-firms-that-use-tax-havens)

    A court case costs money & time, resources that could be better served directly caring for patients. Whether this case is won or loss by NHS, it is likely to have a chilling effect on future procurement situations.

    When we say keep the NHS public, it’s pragmatic. Improve the NHS via the public sector. NHS is not just a logo.

    Btw the #OurNHS demo, two saturdays ago went very well, we’ll post press reaction later.
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