Oak Table and Chairs - Charity Auction

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    I want to try to run this as a sort of auction as charities are involved. I work for Lewisham Pensioners Forum and the building next door to our office used to be a meeting room for the Royal British Legion. It has now been demolished and the demolition people rescued from the site a sturdy oak table and some chairs. (Well worn but beautiful - and they just don't make stuff like that nowadays.) Rather than just finding nice homes for them I would like to raise some money - half for the Forum and half I'll send to the Legion.

    • Oak Table with a sort of linoleum top. A lovely solid bit of furniture, unfortunately slightly damaged as a filing cabinet fell onto it while it was standing out on the pavement (!). See photos. Dimensions 148cm by 83cm and 76cm high.
    • Chair (1) - dimensions 57cm by 57cm and back 114cm high.
    • Chair (2) - dimensions 57cm by 49cm and back 97cm high.
    • Chair (3) - slightly damaged (alas can't upload a fifth photo, but one of the edge spokes of the fan in the back is split and splintered -visible in the main photo if you look) 62cm by 54cm and 102cm high.

    For collection from the Saville Centre (SE13 6LJ) a couple of blocks south of the Hospital, convenient parking just in front of the building. Or for an extra fiver I will deliver (within reason and within reach).

    Make offers, please, separately for each item in open replies and when it seems that interest has died down I will declare the item sold to the highest bidder. (Unless I succumb to temptation and decide to outbid you myself!)

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    how do you bid on this
  3. Tamsin

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    Make an offer by posting here. Chair no. 1 has gone, but the other two and the table are still available.

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