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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by nunheader, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Here's a response to a complaint a neighbour of mine made to Southeastern about the dead fox in the Nunhead station stairwell. I thought some of you who use the station might find it amusing...

    Dear Mr Wilkes

    Thank you for your website comment which we received on 20 June 2011.

    I am very sorry for the situation you describe at Nunhead Station on Monday 20 June, with a dead fox in the stairwell which wasn't being dealt with. Your account of this situation is extremely disappointing and I again apologise for letting you and other passengers down so much. We certainly want to make sure that the station environment is a pleasant experience for those passengers waiting for their train services.

    We do try to ensure that our stations are cleaned and maintained regularly. The Station Manager and his staff should make regular inspections of all public areas throughout the day. If any problems are discovered, then our staff should try to rectify these as quickly as possible.

    However, on this occasion it is clear that we failed to address the problem you (and not doubt others) discovered. So I have brought your comments to the attention of the Station Manager, who will ensure that this issue is addressed as a priority.

    Once again, please accept my apologies for this poor situation. I hope your future experiences at Nunhead are trouble free.

    Yours sincerely

    Yvonne Quinn

    Customer Relations Officer
  2. Transpontine

    Transpontine Moderator Staff Member

    What no condolences for the poor fox?

    Puts me in mind of that Loudon Wainwright song, Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road
  3. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    I have noticed that most stations apart from Nunhead seem to be really well maintained.

    Peckham Rye looks inviting, has waiting rooms, good signage, is clean and looks well looked after. Brockley, again, well maintained, even has hanging baskets on most lamp posts. Lewisham - OK, a big station compared to Nunhead, but very well maintained.

    Southeastern is responsible for making Nunhead Station the drab and dreary place it is. You can tell that Southern looks after their stations much better than Southeastern. I think its time commuters and users of Nunhead put a little more pressure on Southeastern to get their act together and pull their finger out and improve Nunhead Station once and for all.

  4. Ramble66

    Ramble66 Lives for South East London

    Brockley Station only looks good thanks to the work of Brockley Cross Action Group and friends not Southeastern. They have organised various community gardening events for Brockley Common.
  5. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    Not sure exactly what the split is but TfL, specifically the Overground, have responsibility for Brockley now, NR will be responsible for the track I suspect. Having said that the planting was organised by the BXAG. Other then that its had a lick of paint and some new Overground signs.
  6. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    To add to that, I've just seen that Denmark Hill station is to be revamped with a shiny new footbridge and three lifts!

    The designs look great - especially for buggy-laden mums like me, or those coming to or from King's College Hospital, but why is Nunhead Station the poor relation in the family?

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  7. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Nunhead is the poor relation because it does not form part of the East London Line extension project. TfL have been throwing significant amounts of money at the stations currently on the South London line - Peckham Rye, Queen's Road Peckham and Denmark Hill being three - but Nunhead is outside the scope. This is the basis on which work was carried out at Brockley, too. Once ELL trains run through these stations on their way to Clapham Junction, I presume that ownership will pass to TfL which means they will also get permanent staffing during opening hours.

    There has been a question mark over a potential refurb for Nunhead in line with the Thameslink improvements (as it is served by FCC trains) but I don't know if this is the (alleged) refurb carried out last year or a new, proper one planned for sometime between now and 2015/16. Perhaps someone more involved in SRUG can provide some more substantive information?

    EDIT: Incidentally there is a detailed post on the preparatory works being carried out on the ELL on London Reconnections -
  8. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    Cheers for the info and link Ed. Good to see another NHFer made the move - really loving this new forum!

    And I had no idea from your link there was a New Cross Stadium - when I was studying at Goldsmiths down the road I'm pretty sure Milwall FC was somewhere round Docklands way at the time.
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  9. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Deptford Station is being given a completely new building and is not a part of the London Overground though.

    The article I found the picture on mentions something called the National Station Improvement Programme. Have these people heard of Nunhead?


    I know that Nunhead Station had some work done to the entrance in the last couple of years, and this has been most welcome. However I really do think more could be done. With it's peerless views, friendly ticket office staff (the lovely old gent with the dyed black hair!) and tiny cafe, I think it has the potential to be a lovely place to wait for the train.

    When the tiling was done it seems that the roof was forgotten - it didn't even get a dusting and has been left a rather revolting lurid orange. Can this not be seen to?

    Also, would it be possible to strip the paint of the buildings on the platforms to expose the original brick? I think Denmark Hill Station has great character because of this and think Nunhead could have the same, although I realise that having been built in 1925, Nunhead never had the vast Victorian splendour to begin with.

    I think these small changes would make a great difference to people's opinions of Nunhead when they arrive.
  10. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    The NSIP only provided/provides funding for improvements at 150 stations across England and Wales. Presumably the decision was made that there were worthier recipients of cash... which, having had the misfortune to visit stations like Severn Tunnel Junction and Wakefield Kirkgate, I think may well be correct...

    Southeastern/TfL/DfT/some combination of the above are, though, going to have to pull their fingers out to put some money into *properly* refurbishing a station whose entry and exit figures have more than doubled in the past five years.

    Projected from the 09/10 figures, more than 1 million passenger journeys start/end at Nunhead every year - see That's a comfortable 300,000 more than Deptford.
  11. Matt

    Matt Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Millwall played at the Den at Cold Blow Lane. The speedway stadium was next door, but demolished 40 years ago. Millwall outgrew the Den so built the new Den a few hundred yards north and moved. The old Den was turned into housing, which you can see along with the new ground from trains heading to London Bridge.
  12. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    How can Nunheaders band together and put pressure on the relevant authorities though? I mentioned Nunheads Voice earlier - would they be the best bet as a local pressure group?
  13. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Quite possibly, I'm on NV's board actually, so I will raise it with the chair!
  14. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    According to the Deptford Dame, only £2m is coming from NSIP and £4.9m has been provided by Lewisham Council themselves, and as DD points out, people are "a bit bemused as to why Lewisham are paying (so much!) to rebuild a station that belongs to Network Rail."
    Ah, he's just playing with us.

  15. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    There was someone called Fran from that group over at the old forum - maybe she doesn't know about this new place yet?
  16. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    There was a meeting of the Nunhead's Voice board on Monday and we discussed maintenance at Nunhead station. There may be some scope to do some cleaning and tidying of the street-level flower boxes and beds which were funded by Southwark and which Southeastern are meant to be maintaining. We haven't progressed on wider station refurbishment however.

    On this subject you will I'm sure all be interested to read this:

    It sets out what TfL view as their vision for Greater London rail services. Under Ken, TfL were angling to take over all London's National Rail services but the approach now has shifted slightly. You'll read in the attached that TfL are pushing the Government to bring all London's rail stations up to "Overground standard" - ie Brockley and the extended ELL stations. This means permanent staffing, metro-style services (minimum of 4tph) and much better maintenance and facilities. In some instances it would involve TfL taking over the running of certain lines, or certain stations. Potentially big implications for Nunhead if the Government sees fit to accept these recommendations.
  17. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    Before Nunhead I used to live a couple of minutes walk from Denmark Hill, and I'm not impressed one bit by the extremely unattractive and inessential "improvement works to create a step-free route" at the station, which has also resulted in the removal of trees, vegetation etc - not exactly great for the environment. It is a small, historic station, that will be completely ruined by this addition. And I dread to think what the cost of this is to us, the hard-done-by taxpayer.
  18. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Well, the commitment's been made to make all the new LO stations step-free, and this is presumably the most cost-effective way of doing this, as well as increasing capacity with a new footbridge, although I agree it looks pretty unsympathetic.

    Preparations are well underway now - a temporary bridge has already gone up.
  19. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    Tiny cafe? Christ, it must be so small I've never even noticed it! Whereabouts?!

    Anyway, guess what?

    They've got the painters in!

    All pix taken on Thursday afternoon...
    IMG_5958.jpg IMG_5957.jpg IMG_5955.jpg
  20. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    Something called the McNulty Report is proposing that all 'category E' rail stations should have their staffing completely removed.

    And guess what, Nunhead Station is a 'category E', as is Crofton Park.

    Link here to see the full list and take action.

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