Nunhead & Peckham Rye Ward Councillors - can we help?

Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by FionaColley, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Werdna101 - drop me an email with more details, I think the council may have some environmental powers but I'll need to investigate and more info on locations, addresses and previous correspondance will help.

    On aircraft noise I'm not sure about what the council can/is doing - I'll ask around my colleagues to see if anyone has any ideas
  2. sparafucile

    sparafucile Proper Local

    Thanks Fiona - did your colleagues come up with anything?
  3. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    I've found out from a colleague which of the council's 4500 member of staff is the expert and works on this but I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to get in touch with him as yet.
  4. ShinyShep

    ShinyShep Proper Local

    Hi Fiona, I'll drop you an email about this but am very worried about some news I heard this morning that the large gateway into Camberwell New Cemetery and Honor Oak Rec on Brenchley Gardens is to be permanently locked because the guy who locks up at in the evening can't apparently see if there are people using the rec. I am REALLY worried about this, I use the Rec to walk my dog every weekday, it's a 5 minute walk there for us and there's a really lovely community of dog walkers and dogs, which means our dogs get excellent socialisation and safe off lead exercise together - a lot of us use this 52 weeks a year.
    If they lock this it means I'll either have to walk down and in via what is colloquially known as "the rape bridge" aka Brockley Footpath or over 1 Tree Hill, meaning my dog will probably get about 40 mins less off lead exercise as we'll be walking along busy roads unless I drive there myself. This seems like madness. Lots of other dogwalkers use that entrance every morning and people use that entrance as a safe cut through to Honor Oak station also. Why can't the man simply look and see if people are still in the rec and shout that he's about to lock the gate? I'll email you further info but a fellow dog walker told me that Avril Kirkby had given her the initial explanation, but had then said it was a health and safety issue for children when she was told it was ridiculous. Please don't let this happen!
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  5. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

  6. Rob

    Rob Respected Local

    Post Oct. 2014 - It's now July 2015. Is Cllr Mills still 'looking into it'?

    Still hearing noisy, nasty, polluting aeroplanes flying every minute overhead...

    Is it true Labour wants Heathrow expansion, and therefore, more Heathrow plane noise for Nunhead and Peckham constituents?
  7. Left-e

    Left-e Respected Local

    Hi Fiona, there's a new planning application for 107 and 109 Ivydale Road and currently it looks like the design of the new build is completely out of character with the rest of the Victorian houses on the street. We had this issue with the last new build on the street (opposite this site) and eventually the plans were changed to be much more sympathetic. Which was a good outcome all round. What can we do to get these plans changed as well? Can you help push this through?

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