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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by chocolatecav, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. chocolatecav

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    Hi everyone. My partner and I have lived in Nunhead for 32 years now, and there are some of the original people on the street from when we moved in. We've seen many changes taking place over the years with the people moving in and out, the state of our streets, the house prices going up and down. The one thing that has ALWAYS been here is a sense of community regardless of race, nationality, gender. There are always problems, but people have always been as helpful to each other as possible and acknowledge each other in the street. Not like living in London, at all.

    I was wondering if anyone would like to start a cookbook reflecting the diverse cultures in our area including a brief history of the contributors of where they came from, originally. How they came to Nunhead and their experiences of living here. Food is always something that brings people together, either in the preparations or meals themselves. I realise this isn't an original idea, as various villages and towns have done it. But we haven't. Maybe the proceeds of the sales (if it goes ahead and works) could go towards the new community centre or something else community based.

    Get back to me on here if you're interested. If there is enough interest to go ahead, then we can move onto the next step and start getting as many possible involved to contribute. Thanks for reading and take care.
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  2. sathlondonshona

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    What a good idea. I would support that in whatever way I can.
  3. Hipsta

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  4. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Hipsta - you can definitely be photographer, but you also have to contribute that recipe - It looks delicious! That's great! We're on our way, I hope!
  5. Vaffanculo

    Vaffanculo Local

    Hot cross nuns - I'm in!
  6. Bette Mavis

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    How about a Nunhead Hotpot? I could get our Gordon to promote the book on his bog or whatever he calls it. He had a road named after him in Nunhead you know.
  7. Cake

    Cake Respected Local

    I have absolutely no idea what I could talk about. Anyone give me any ideas?
  8. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    This is encouraging - spread the word everyone. Blogs are great start, anywhere you can think of. We want to keep it to Nunhead residents though. Cake, my little sweetie, I used to have sweet teeth ...... something with sugar and spice and Everything chocolate maybe?
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  9. chocolatecav

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    I think some outside publicity may be needed. I'm going to put some home-made flyers up after the holidays are over. Some really good ideas here - thanks for the encouragement everyone. In case I don't get a chance before - Have a wonderful, safe holiday season everyone
  10. Hi, as a Nunhead newbie, I'd be happy to contribute a recipe or any help you need.
  11. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good holiday season, got over the colds and bugs and are enjoying a decent new year. Thought it may be time to give this project a good kick start. So everyone, talk to your neighbours and mention the idea. Get them to sign in to the forum and put forth their ideas on this, or any of the other projects/ideas mentioned and show that we DO have a community to contribute our ideas to. Anybody have any ideas on how we should proceed?
  12. Hi, on the practical side of things, perhaps if there was an email address people could send recipes to, that would start the actual book making bit going. Set a deadline and ask for recipes to come in and also what info you'd like with them – person's name, connection to Nunhead, stories behind the recipe?

    But the other thing to do would be to decide on the cookbook's aim - who is it raising money for, will all profits go to the charity – the practical side of things – how is it going to be funded initially, will it be a real book or ebook – and also have a policy on copyright and any other legal stuff. I'm assuming contributors would retain the copyright for their recipe.

    I can help edit recipes (it's my day job), and I have worked on a privately published book, so I can chuck a few bits of expertise into the mix, but I think establishing the aims and groundworks before the fun creative stuff happens is probably the best way to begin.
  13. Bambuni

    Bambuni Lives for South East London

    @chocolatecav et all - We'd be happy to help in any way needed - we hear ALOT of discussions around recipes and what folk are having for dinner every day . . .
    Also be happy to host a meeting here to discuss aims/objectives/way forward if you'd like?


  14. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Thanks GNC and Huey - I guess the first thing is to organise a meeting of anyone that would like to take part. Are daytimes any good for people? I think Huey's idea is a good one - maybe one of the friday evenings for drinks and tapas.
  15. Up for Friday evening drinks, tapas and plotting cookbook domination of the world.
  16. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Right then - How about meeting on the 24th February at Bambuni everyone! Let's get started!
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  17. Tamsin

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    A thought - it's an adjacent patch and not your community or neighbourhood - but the Telegraph Hill Festival is repeating its World Food event on Saturday 24th March (there's some details and footage of last years on the website Would you like a stand there to say what you are doing and perhaps take the names and e-mails of people who might light to purchase a copy when its produced. If so I could put you in touch with the organiser.
  18. Gerri

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    This is a great idea, Chocolatecav. Look forward to meeting up at Bambuni for drinks, tapas and recipe exchanges!
  19. chocolatecav

    chocolatecav Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    thanks for the suggestion, Tasmin. I'll put it to everyone when we meet.

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