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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Nick Barron, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Rob

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    Relentlessly Rye: Don't agree trains from 'my local station' of Peckham Queen's Road arrive and depart every 10mins. Also, all too often trains arrive 2/3/5minutes late (rarely on time). I know this as a regular user of the station perusing the times of arrival indicator on the platform.
    Again, too often some 'hold-up' way down the line may cause cancellations and substantial inconvenient late arrivals on every station along pertinent/affected/connected routes.
    15/20+ minutes waiting for a train to London Bridge is not unusual at Queen's Road Station.
  2. Kazimierz

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    Is this the Boomerang from the old forum then? Sounds like a Grade A xenophobic idiot to me.

    I've only been to the Herne once - seemed OK. Not sure what kinda reputation it's supposed to have?

    I don't really like the Clockhouse except for its outdoor space - inside seems too claustrophobic and lacking atmosphere for me.
  3. Nunhead is a place you don't really 'get' unless you live here. Big community vibe. It's a nice hidden oasis of good people with bucket loads of green space and without the pretensions of Dulwich and their crazy property prices.

    You can't beat a walk through the cemetery or the view from One Tree Hill or from the southbound station platforms. The Ivy House and Old Nun's Head are brilliant boozers too, with some top nights on. There are some really nice streets too such as Limesford, Hichisson, Rye Road.

    I moved to Nunhead two years ago as I was greedy and wanted a big house where I could rent out rooms, and could not afford to buy one mortgage-free where I'd had a flat in NW London for the previous 15 years.

    I'm near the fabled 'East Dulwich borders' (it was actually Dulwich village and Lordship Lane that drew me in to this part of SE) and find the residential side of Nunhead virtually indistinguishable from East Dulwich anyway, except there's less going on near your own street. I also liked the fact Nunhead houses all had decent sized gardens, the ones I've seen anyway. The ones I looked at in ED were all tiny courtyards.

    The train services are pretty much on time mostly, there are two services an hour to Victoria and two to St Pancras via the City. They're pretty quick and only 3 stops from Nunhead..... though the timings are a little erratic, but in the morning there are usually more trains. I've never had a problem with the service from Nunhead station personally, except coming back from Victoria in that graveyard slot of 19:30-21:30. Don't get me started on that one!

    The Old Nun's head pub is worth a visit but in all honesty if I'm eating I tend to stick to Dulwich. I find Nunhead really very sleepy for an 'inner' London area (probably the quietest part of zone 2?) but I like it that way. I find people generally friendly and I'm lucky to have many neighbours I know pretty well.
  4. Park Fluid

    Park Fluid Local

    On the parklife side, I love all the many open spaces and greenery. We really are spoilt for choice.

    So many great places to run. If you're new to Nunhead there's no better way of getting to know all the backstreets and hidden gems of the area than a solo run. The Rye is vast and quite flat (and with a fantastic cafe in the middle).

    The cemetery is more private, has plenty to look at and is good if you like the offroadishness of the paths, and the western side (the side of the Brockley Footpath) is nice and hilly. It does close at 5pm at this time of year though.

    But it's not as hilly as One Tree Hill over by Brenchley Gardens - you gotta have the stamina of an ox to attempt that one - but if you do the views over the whole of London are worth the effort.

    You can also witness a brilliant panorama of the City and Docklands from the southbound platform of Nunhead Station.

    Being out and about in SE15 is what I love the most.
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    You wouldn't like Belgravia. It's common. After all, it's where Baroness Thatcher lives because she was priced out of Dulwich Village.
  6. EdHammond

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    Belgravia would indeed be considered very much infra dig for the discerning Nunhead resident
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    There's a fascinating 'new build' coming to fruition at the North end of Ansdell Road where prefabs used to be. 'A builder's brotherhood' "Doran Bros" (Irish) I believe previously tending to label themselves 'jobbing' have come up in the world in 'my road'. They have, with a seeming Victorian spec, re-built nine new houses where nine houses used to be in a line (where WW2 houses were bombed and where four or so distinctive post war prefabs took up the space), and, in line with a kind of Victorian tradition abutt onto our old woebegone specs past their residential prime. This line of new houses looking pristine in London Stock, appointed with sashes (albeit in plastic), with uniform frontages, porches and back-ages supply a flavour (perhaps) of what a new built c.1900 Victorian terrace might have looked. Except, Doran Bros have given to their 2012 new built terrace satellite reception, attic rooms, solar facilities (so I was told), a kitchen layout at front (instead of reception) so that southern sun (one surmises) enjoys shining on more designed living sectors of the new-build. The 'Doran Ansdell Project' is soon to be completed bar tinkering here and there. E.g. ground levels have presented a problem where possible torrential rain may gush whether into designed gullies or over the thresholds to inundate one or two of the terraced property's hallways and kitchens...

    All-in-all, its worth a nosy perusal at these new nine houses before the build is soon to be completed. And, if you do nose around - the sooner the better - since you will certainly recognise the unmistakeable dark-blue liveried Doran Bros van, maybe, hear an expletive in Irish accent which prevails upon one of Doran's 'European employees' who day after day look tense, hurried, fractious as they point a pier, lay a paving, carry a hod or 'whatever' always overlooked by either Doran brotherhood's beady eye for their 'Patrician perfection'.

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  8. chocolatecav

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    We have the back view of the houses and they are really well done. Really like them - can't wait til they have an open house
  9. Ian1984

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    Good forum - I love Nunhead. Look at this description of our area by a letting agent Portmoor . I think it sums us up a lot of what I like “Victorian and early Edwardian good-size houses. All this is nestled next to the world famous Nunhead Cemetery - great for runners, dog walkers and wildlife enthusiasts!”. I think they should mention the great community feel in Nunhead – what do others think?
  10. Rob

    Rob Respected Local

    Not entirely sure about this post as it looks like an opportunist advert for a letting agent !?!
  11. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Yes, it does.
  12. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    Total astroturfing.

    Google 'portmans + Ian' and you get

    Lettings Manager: Ian [surname]

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  13. Vetrissimo

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    Now considering Nunhead for my next move - 2-6 months time - after reading this thread.
    Thank you to all who posted.
  14. Move here it is the best!
  15. Sean Of Dulwich

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    you serious about nunhead lol
  16. Rob

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    No matter what '£1000's revamp' over the years is done to Nunhead Green it always remains looking like a dog dumper's patch. That bit of Nunhead in front of the old Alms Houses should be completely pedestrianised with vehicle access relocated and diverted along Linden Grove by Nunhead Cemetery. The Nunhead Green should have perimeter railings removed and the green area replanted like a village green that supplies an ambiance of community centrality rather than, at present, a fenced off area only accessible to dog-dumpers.
  17. Rob

    Rob Respected Local

    Still waiting for that dreadful perimeter fencing to be taken down and a duck pond built in like in a picture postcard Constable village green.

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