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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Nick Barron, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Head Nun

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    The Tappesfield Estate is not exactly the jewel in Nunhead's tarnished pendant. Has anyone been bold enough to walk through it recently? I have gone through there a number of times since August (to get to the shops on the main road is a lot quicker going through the estate) and almost always see the same group of youths smoking and talking very loud in front of different houses. I am almost certain they do not live at those houses otherwise they would be inside them. I just wanted to know if anybody has had any problems with them in the past so maybe I can change my route to the shops if they have.
  2. Shelfish

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    As someone who lives on Tappesfield Road, I haven't had any trouble in the 20+ years that I have lived here. It is true that there are groups of youths who hang about from time to time but to be honest even though they can be annoying they aren't any trouble whatsoever in any kind of menacing sense. I will also say that I have never ever seen or heard of a single conman...

    I know most of my neighbours and we look out for each other, for example, when I had a problem with my car, no less than four of my neighbours (including a couple that I didn't know) turned out to help me.

    I really like living here and enjoy the diversity it brings but if you're worried about youths and such it may be wiser to look at the Nunhead / Brockley border or better still look at East Dulwich.
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  3. Huey

    Huey Local

    I'm with @Shelfish on this one, I live in the Tappesfield estate and after 6 odd years think of it as home. Sure, the architecture couldn't be described as beautiful, but the residents are!

    @MC Turtle - the lads you are talking about have never, to my knowledge, done anything threatening - they just hang out and enjoy a bit of banter. . .
  4. evelina toad

    evelina toad Local

    Never had a problem with noise, neighbours are generally great and we're next to a wide array of awesome green spaces.

    Am so glad we didn't buy in the very "vanilla" East Dulwich now. It's much more down to earth in Nunhead.
    That was cheesier than cheesy Huey, even for a deli owner!
  5. Huey

    Huey Local

    @evelina toad :) I am the cheesiest man in Nunhead!
  6. Considering Nunhead's famous for its cemetery I'd say it's always gonna be of the dead rather than back from it. I guess that's a good thing though, if you like a quiet life!
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  7. Cake

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    I like Jacqui Smith - she looks like she enjoys a nice slice.
  8. Ravedog

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    Could not agree more. It is good to know that shops, bars and restaurants are just a stroll away in Peckham and E Dulwich when we need them, but you can't beat greener and quieter south Nunhead as a place to live.
  9. South East 15

    South East 15 Respected Local

    My wife and I live on Kirkwood Road, on the side north of the railway bridge. Being so close to Peckham, we also moved with a little trepidation but I'm pleased to say we really feel like we made a good decision and are looking to stay in the area.

    Although it can get quite quiet at night we've always found it fine and there are always people walking back from Queens Road Station, which is now quite a handy and peaceful station now that the Tesco has brought a bit of light late at night.

    Don't underestimate how close Peckham Rye station is, too. I can walk there in 12 mins and it's really well connected. East London Line on the way!

    Brayards Road store is excellent, the Nun's Head pub is very close and we've also got the brilliant Frog on the Green deli nearby.

    In fact my only gripe is the amount of dog mess along the road and I can't think what I can possibly do about that...
  10. bellend

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    Eww, I won't be going anywhere near your bellend den...
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  11. Rob

    Rob Respected Local

    Sladey: Just wait till TfL decide, all of a sudden, to use your quiet road as a juggernaut double-Decker bus termini rat-run like they've been using my road for the last year. It's a nightmare day and night every few minutes with the shaking and rattling of our houses in our once quiet residential street.
  12. Treetop walk idea is genius. There is a path that runs along the other side of the cemetery from Borland Rd down to the station but it's so narrow and scary that it's not widely used. It could be infilled with building rubble and raised to tree height, thus creating delightful and stimulating daily experience and transforming entire population and area.

    Nunhead's Voice, please put in bid for funds immediately.
  13. Dipsy

    Dipsy Local

    I lived at the top of Kirkwood Road for 18 months about 8 years ago, which was more or less fine. I still live in north Nunhead and used to walk back from Queens Road Peckham station up Kirkwood Road at night (not too late tho). I've had at least one occasion where some kids (I think they were from the estate at the bottom of Kirkwood) made it pretty clear that I'd get my head kicked in if they saw me walk that way again. I now walk the longer way up Hollydale Road. I don't know what other people's experience is - and maybe it's because I'm a tallish bloke that I might be more of a target - but thought I'd mention it!
  14. kebabylon

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    I'm considering buying a property that backs onto the Lighthouse Megachurch and have heard that the church can cause some light and noise pollution when it is in use. This would obviously directly impact the property we are looking to buy.

    I was wondering if anyone knew about this problem or had any negative direct experiences of the church and it's services in the surrounding streets, other than the aforementioned parking. In fact if anyone has any useful input on that specific part of Nunhead it would be really appreciated.
  15. Zapple

    Zapple Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    We live about 100 yrds up the hill from the church and often pass it during services. I've not heard any significant noise, and it seems to be quiet in the week, but you do hear music on a Sunday though - it starts like clockwork bang on 8:30am and carries on intermittently throughout the day. Its not loud enough to really irritate me, but it's audible if you're outside or have the windows open. The good thing is the music is all traditional church stuff, just organ and choir, and not a thumping rock band type outfit like so many churches up the road in Peckham.

    The congregation does seem to be quite large, so you would probably have quite large numbers of people in the street before/after services. As sdp said it can get very hard to park anywhere near the church on a sunday. There's quite a lot of comings and goings throughout the week, but I actually dont mind this as I think its keeps the area safer.

    With regard to the light(house), they seem to have industrial strength spotlights in there; it's really bright inside, but I haven't noticed this entering our back garden (yet). We do have a six foot fence that side of our back garden though, with another half a dozen neighbours between us and the church.

    The area is really really nice though, I hope I havent put you off. We moved here from SE22 and tbh I find it much more down to earth, where strangers smile at you in the street or say hello. As it happens, both happened to me on my way home tonight. :)
  16. NHPK

    NHPK Local

    My new place directly backs onto the mega church (always makes me chuckle) - had the same concerns. Tuesday nights for an hour and Sundays are the main times they hold services, the noise is noticeable, but it's not particularly bad and the music is traditional so it's not intrusive. The congregation are made up of good, polite people so having them around is no problem.
  17. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

    @NHPK And judging by your profile I think a 'Welcome to Nunhead' is in order here!
  18. NHPK

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    @ravedog Thanks! Fellow canine avatar love back to you too...
  19. Relentlessly Rye

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    On the transport side, you don't have the direct service into the Docklands or the London Overground that you might have from Brockley or New Cross Gate, but you have a better rush-hour service into Victoria and the First Capital Connect service into Blackfriars and City Thameslink/St Pauls.

    Queen's Road Peckham, station is only a short walk if you live north of the cemetery, and trains from there much more frequent (roughly every 10 mins into London Bridge - journey time 7 mins). Also this station is currently being upgraded as part of the East London Line extension (phase 2), so will be on the Tube map by the end of 2012.

    Since last year's phase 1 extension to Islington and Croydon, the East London Line is now my favourite London line by far - just how great are those air conditioned spacious trains! I use New Cross Gate station whenever I can, and as well as the ELL you can also get a non-stopping train to London Bridge that takes just five minutes.

    Come December, the ELL will come to two Peckham stations so Nunhead will be bordered by the ELL to the north, south and east. Only the Dulwich side seems to be staying resolutely National Rail!

  20. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

    Unless of course you live towards the South West corner of Nunhead, in which case Honor Oak Park overground is really not far, especially during daytime through Camberwell New Cemetery or One Tree Hill.
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