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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Nick Barron, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Nunhead?
  2. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Nunhead Green, Nunhead Cemetery
    Sopers, Ayres, other local shops
    Good transport links
    It's friendly

    None of the local shops seem to sell effing spaghetti (although this may change with the feted opening of Bambuni on the way)
    Thames Water are clearly the front for a religious cult who praise their God by digging holes in the ground and not filling them in - that is the only sane explanation for the never-ending work on Nunhead Lane, anyway
  3. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

  4. Well yes, but this article *is* nearly four and a half years old, so...
  5. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Ah... well then, out of interest, how much has the area changed in four years?

    Ah... hmm... not that much, probably. The corner shop on the Green has been renovated... erm...

    Actually the Green itself has been completely redone by the council in the last four years. And the Nun's Head has changed hands too.

    I realise I'm probably clutching at straws here
  6. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

  7. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Good job I'm fond of pork then!

    Don't forget it was the Trotters that put SE15 on the map after all.

  8. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    I think you've missed the point of the simile, which isn't to ridicule Nunhead but Peckham. She's saying that calling yourself the jewel of Milton Keynes is no great claim to fame. Like if Nunhead called itself the Pearl of Peckham. It's pretty gentle ridicule at that.
  9. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    I hadn't read the article when I posted, but I have now and see what you mean.

    Ironically, I'm probably the only person here to have lived for a year in the "jewel" in question - Stony Stratford. It's far better than the rest of Milton Keynes because it's nothing like it - being a picturesque and stubbornly independent market town since the 12th century.

    What it does have in common with Nunhead is a very distinct idea of its own identity. There are stores that have been there for decades, and the only chain I can recall was the Co-op.

    I didn't see any pigs, flying or otherwise, though the first famous person I ever saw walking down the street was former Doctor Who Tom Baker in Stony Stratford High Street. He wasn't wearing make up.
  10. Mustard

    Mustard Lives for South East London

    Nunhead reminds me of East Dulwich before it was gentrified. But the main shopping area is much smaller obviously. Nunhead Cemetery is very special.

    And we did have Jacqui Smith, then Home Secretary, living in her sister's house in both Bellenden Village and Ivydale Road after her sis moved.
  11. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    Ivydale Road! Christ, is this the longest, most boring road known to man?

    I rode down it yesterday and thought ...fancy having to to walk this every morning to and from work! And then all the way home at the end of the day!

    Maybe Nunhead's Voice could apply for a treetop walk to be built along the wall of the cemetery (which backs on to the gardens of the west side of Ivydale) so that commuters could be treated to some lovely views and greenery on their way to the office and back...or better still a little tram shuttling up and down the road, from Nunhead station to the bus 'hub' at Merttins Road.

    It would be a great opportunity for people to socialise - same local driver, all the shoppers and oldies taken care of. Perhaps too uncool for our uncoof yoof to travel on - hey, it's actually sounding quite appealing!

    Then again perhaps I'm just too posh for SE15!
  12. Sladey

    Sladey Lives for South East London

    You didn't see the P12, then?

    As an Ivydale Road resident who does have to "walk this every morning", I rather like it. Nice houses, good people, lovely school...but hey...just be thankful you don't live there, eh?
  13. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    The Guardian's Let's Move To South-East London article from Jan 2010 reckoned that Nunhead was one of the SE's "little pockets of niceness in the big bad city and "a far cry from inner-city hell hole."

    Personally, I think the area's an undiscovered gem - its sleepy qualities are its strengths, but I'm guessing Nunhead doesn't yet have the cultural cache of the booming Beautification of Bellenden though?

    Where else in zone 2 is so quiet and family friendly at the same time?

    Nunhead Green (taken from the article):
    Such a nice pic of the re-emergence from the snowy isolation of winter.

    I like a couple of the reader comments even more though:

    Michelle Smyth "Best bread and cream cakes in south-east London at Ayres The Bakers in Nunhead. Walk them off by climbing Telegraph Hill."
    Melanie Yurt "Nunhead is cheaper than over-priced East Dulwich, and much friendlier". :D
  14. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Ivydale is a lovely road, but it is bloody long! And a certain Guardian journalist is more than slightly snooty with her imperious reporting that estate agents refer to it as Nunhead's premier street ("I'm not convinced there's a great deal of competition") but then she'd probably never even heard of Nunhead until her editor asked her to do this write-up on the Jacqui Smith expenses scandal. Daft mare.

    The Nunplussed of Nunhead article got me wondering - how did Ivydale Road residents cope with the arrival of the then Home Secretary and an armed police presence outside all the time?

    If I can sample the intro from the feature...

    Nunhead is not a place that normally makes national headlines - that's usually left to Peckham, 10 minutes down the road. So when last Monday's news featured live reports from outside the home secretary's house in south London you could almost hear the question: Nun-where?

    You could argue that this less than happy event actually put the sleepier little known section of SE15 on the map. Discourse, please....
  15. Sladey

    Sladey Lives for South East London

    It is bloody long, but I think of it as good exercise.
    I'm rather hoping that it never gets the Bellenden beautification. One can have enough of rusty bollards by famous artists.
  16. Xoink

    Xoink Newbie

    I'm looking to move somewhere in the South East, and there's a property that I've seen in the Beacon Gate development, just round the corner from Nunhead station.

    Does anyone live nearby, who can let me know what the area is like (especially in the evenings / at night). I don't want to sound all houmous and organic, but are there any problems with kids hanging around or causing problems around there?

    Some of the council houses nearby did seem a little in need of care and attention, which obviously isn't any sort of damning indictment of the area or the people who live round there, but it doesn't give the greatest impression!

    If anyone could let me know what they think, that would be great!

    Thanks very much! x
  17. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    - have you been reading Brockley Central? ;)

    I'm sure some Nunheaders will be along in just a minute to give you the lowdown on the area.
  18. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    It's absolutely fine!

    It does get quiet in the evenings (ie not many people about) but you won't have any problems.

    I live just round the corner and have stumbled home at 1 and 2 in the morning without any ill effects.

    I suspect that you'll be more bothered by the train noise (and the planes, of course - don't forget the planes)
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  19. Sladey

    Sladey Lives for South East London

    I live in Ivydale Road, and have wandered around at all hours of the night, either with friends or on my own. It's fine. Rather quieter than where I used to live in Peckham, but as safe as anywhere in London gets.
  20. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    You mean that always jam packed red thing with the rather erratic (and I use the term mildly) service frequency?

    Yes, I've seen it, however fleetingly. I just thank feck I've never been forced to experience it.

    I love that Anthony Gormley has pet names for each of the Rye's rusty icons:

    Gormley, who has a studio on Bellenden Road, has designed a series of metal bollards, which he has nicknamed "the penis, the egg, the peg and the snowman". :D

    The blogger behind The Trees Around Nunhead got a right tawdry tizzy about the Guardian's feature last year. And I quote...

    Firstly, how come Nunhead (popn. over 10,000 towards the end of the nineteenth century) has been yoked with the evil empires of Honor Oak Park, Brockley and Ladywell? Recently Burnham-on-Crouch (popn. 7,600) had its own page to itself, and it is far less interesting. I note the page is differently titled on the Guardian's own InterWeb site (Let's Move to south-east London), so maybe they now recognise their mistake.

    There is quite a lot missing: not least any mention of Nunhead Cemetery. One of the Magnificent Seven, and a terrific, overgrown, wild place to visit.

    It mentions Dulwich far too much for any sane person.

    And what does it say is wrong with the area? That it's "a tad humdrum" is about it - (everything else in that section is about speed humps (a good thing) and house prices outside the area).

    A tad humdrum? Well possibly, but I suspect that may be no bad thing. However, several people have commented that 'humdrum' appears to be the tone I try to set in this blog, so I may be biased.

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