No 24 hour Tube - Crossrail to stop running at 12.30

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by nunheader, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I wouldn't be too sure about that - delays on the line.
  2. Images of the official options for Crossrail 2 have been issued by TfL.


    First, a 12 station 'automatic metro' within zones 1/2, except for Seven Sisters.


    Second, a regional railway that removes Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross and Essex Road.
  3. sdp

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    Sloane Square's gone then. And a station called Euston St Pancras and a separate Kings Cross? :confused:
  4. EdHammond

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    Has to be option 2 really, doesn't it?

    I suspect that the reason why option 2 involves the loss of some of the central stations is because the platforms are longer (like Crossrail 1). The "metro" service would just, I suppose, be a standard tube line.

    Option 1 would be cheaper but the wider economic benefits not as significant as Option 2.
  5. You got your answer. No taking over of Central or District lines and no Sloane Square. Even Kings Road is apparently 'optional' as the new station wouldn't interchange with any other lines. In other words, the 'Chelney' could be without its Chel altogether.
  6. There's some further detail here...


    Re 'Euston St Pancras': the depth of CR2 means long escalators, meaning that you can exit at one end for Euston and the other end for St. Pancras. It makes perfect sense. Having another stop for Kings Cross on the 'metro' option does seem a little odd though.

    However 'Euston St Pancras' is both on options. I guess they can still have exits covering both (International at least) stations and it will be a bit like King's Cross St. Pancras tube station. If the whole Euston tube station (including the Northern line station) becomes Euston St Pancras will it not be a bit confusing having St. Pancras named in 2 completely separate tube stations?

    Tooting Broadway would appear to be optional like Chelsea, allowing for a less circuitous route. If Victoria-Clapham Junction is non-stop direct then a Grosvenor Road station would be useful. There is already a former surface station at the site though probably in private hands. Still it would provide access from an area underprovided including part of the Chelsea catchment area.

    With Picc circus also optional maybe the central section could be routed via Hyde Park Corner or Green Park and Bond Street/Oxford Circus (CR).
  7. EdHammond

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    I vaguely recall something about Grosvenor Road being mentioned as part of the planning gain / s106 agreement for the Chelsea Barracks development. Do any of you know if that's the case?
  8. sdp

    sdp Lives for South East London

    Boris said recently that The Bakerloo IS going to be extended - in 2040!!!!

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