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Discussion in 'New Cross' started by Nick Barron, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about New Cross?
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  2. Tamsin

    Tamsin Super-South-Easter

    Good - the views from the Telegraph Hill Upper Park (why we seriously looked to buy here more than 20 years ago)
    - Bold Vision and the community efforts it enables
    - The Telegraph Hill Festival

    Bad - the traffic through Peckham and on the Old Kent Road and in the other direction, jams over Blackheath
    - the way the rail companies mess us around
    - speeding cars, despite the road humps
    - the N343 (empty at the end of the route) shaking the house every half hour
  3. New Cross CC

    New Cross CC Regular

    -telegraph hill, the park and cafe, the houses, the free tennis courts
    - cafe cremas garden
    - pool tables and dukebox in the marquis de granby
    - food at the haberdashers
    - the royal albert (but maybe that is Deptford)
    - the london particular
    - yip stores- the oriental supermarket
    - the loveliness of the people who work in the fish and chip shop (but the fish could do lots better)
    - food in reyna
    - we are near lots of great stuff (degustation, the big red, south london gallery, bar story, Wellbeloved etc etc)
    - the hard work of the people keeping the library open (and having a library in the first place)
    - the old police station
    - the montague arms
    - the shop which has a window of art just at the bottom of the old kent road

    - the video shop has shut down
    - it would be nice to have a few more shops on the main road- that are actually open/are useful- less disused and make a bit of effort with their appearance
    - lots of traffic- but it is inevitable- it is the A2
    - would be ace to have a swimming pool, but wavelengths is not too far
    - There is no charity shops!!!
  4. bellyki

    bellyki Member

    good: The Old Haberdasher pub at the end of our road, Kismet supermarket, Reyna restaurant
    bad: does anyone know who owns the parade of shops with the old GoodYear tyre place on the corner? That needs reviving.
  5. shonti

    shonti Member

    Good: All the above
    1. Schools- all primary schools which are doing their best and have developed some great partnerships with community groups and educational support institutions
    2. New Cross Gate Trust- I’m biased! It aims to continue the regeneration of the area
    3. Besson Street Gardens- A great place where you can develop gardening skills, learn how to keep bees in an onsite beehive, under 5's education and other activities
    4. The re-gigging of the traffic around Kender has been excellent for those in that part of the area which have for too long been cut off and stuff in the traffic jam
    5. Coffee shops especially 2 T's it can feel a bit rough with the builders who are regularly in but has good friendly service and is resonable on the pocket
    1. The fact that some of the shops like cafe cremea seem to only be open for the students during term time and I wish they and others would try to attract some of the local permanent residents especially from NXG
    2. it often feels that there is 3 distinct communities in the area- the telegraph community, the students and then the rest of new cross
    3. the campaign against the big supermarkets and coffee chains by the smaller shops and students (I understand and sympathise with their reasons -honestly!!) However from a local economic and visual point of view apart from the hair dressers, kebabs and nail shops these are the only shops willing to employ local people
    4. It is one of the poorest areas in Lewisham borough (I think behind Downham) and is therefore is not Greenwich, (and has a long way to go before it can get there and why should it be?!)
    5. We need more shops like Tescos and Cafe Nero as these are convenient, open to all and will employ local people (and students) and will be open throughout the year and stay tidy..
  6. bellyki

    bellyki Member

    Agree with Shonti. We need more businesses in NX which attract people who've got money to spend (not to gentrify the area but to keep that money in the area rather than everyone going off to Brockley for a coffee). It can be done... The London Particular is a huge success - and I'm sure The Allottment will be a success as well. Cafe Crema looks nice but you never know if it's going to be open so it doesn't really do the same job. I've got my eye on that GoodYear tyre place for a cafe - is it a Goldsmiths property?
  7. Currylover

    Currylover Regular

    Good bus links (old kent road is mainly bus lanes so relatively quick into central london)
    Good rail links (overground and mainline)
    Telegraph hill park- excellent playground for children
    Some very good schools
    East to get to Brockley, Greenwich and blackheath (deptford has some nice little areas too)
    Relatively affordable accomodation in zone 2

    Lack of variety of shops
    A2 passes through it
    Permanent derelict and run down shops on new cross road; horrible road to walk down
    Needs TLC
    I could go on but don't want to be too negative!
  8. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Let Goldsmiths tell you what it's like!

    Bit rich calling it "About South East London" - hardly. But beautifully shot, I have to say.
  9. shonti

    shonti Member

    It might be beautifully shot, but most of it is filmed in Deptford and not New Cross!!! Furthermore it’s so misconceiving to believe that New Cross ends at Cafe Crema! Where is the Sainsbury’s and its massive car park? ,Post office? , Community groups? , Community centres? Ethnic minorities? It’s interesting what people say in the video: Take for example the guy who says that
    'The people that live here reflect the businesses that are here'

    This is true, but why aren’t they in the video? I don’t see the mix of people that anyone in this video is referring too?
    I think the whole video can be summed up really well when the lady at the end says:

    ' It feels like the local people are aware of the university and quite proud of it'
    ...but can the same be said about the students and Goldsmiths in general and how aware they are of the community that lives around them???

    If this is to show what new cross is all about to entice more students here, then for me it just highlights the blindness that many of the students at Goldsmiths have about where exactly new cross is and what else happens here.

    Sorry if I’m being over critical, but it’s been a long day where ive been talking all about regeneration and the role of arts and students and I’m a bit tiered of the blind goldsmith students and their arty farty ideas!
  10. Anna_Mcgill

    Anna_Mcgill Newbie

    Love The Royal Albert, Views from the top of the hill, the London Particular, the speed of getting into central London, the new little fringe theatre that has opened in New Cross, the 36 bus which seems to cover the whole of London, The passion of those behind the New Cross Peoples Libr

    Don't like the boarded up shops on New Cross Road, The Walpole pub, the great divide between New Cross an Telegrapgh Hill an the forgotten Deptford.
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  11. thelondontheatre

    thelondontheatre Respected Local

    Hiya we are 'the new little fringe theatre that has opened up in New Cross'
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  12. Tamsin

    Tamsin Super-South-Easter

    And to repeat what I said in September - but more relevant now it's nearly upon us. The Telegraph Hill Festival

    Events to mention -
    • everything that's happening for children this coming Thursday - including creating salad boxes in the Sandbourne Road Community Garden and a chance to try out musical intruments in St. Catherine's Church, talking to teachers and a man who makes harps for a living
    • "Over the Hill and In the Way" - a one woman show in the upper room of the Telegraph Pub, Dennets Road on Friday evening
    • the history walk around the hill on Sunday afternoon - this time going east and through Goldsmiths (not normally open to the public) and back along the New Cross Road
    • our own version of radio 4's "Poetry Please" - poetry (for the most part familiar or at least published) being read by actors and others to a small audience (with a bar in operation - so one up on listening on the radio). Still time to send in your requests.
    • a series of guitar workshops in the evenings in the Children's Centre premises on Wallbutton Road (and one harmonica one)
    • if you have an interest in history and old documentaries there are three showings of "The Elephant Will Never Forget" about the last week of London Trams and the very last one coming into the New Cross Tram Depot over fifty years ago (and John Krish was sacked for making the film) together with either the early John Schlesinger masterpiece "Terminus" - a day in the life of Waterloo Station in 1961 - or Windrush: The Arrival - the first episode of Trevor Philips' 1992 TV documentary.
    • Classics on the Hill on Wednesday evening - top class performers on your doorstep and a very reasonable ticket price
    • Everything that's happening around the Centre on Saturday 24th and in the Lower Park on Sunday 25th.
    • Swinging '78s on the Saturday, again in the Telegraph Pub.
    • The Open Studios (and open Sandbourne Road Garden) on the following weekend.
  13. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

  14. SSC

    SSC Respected Local

    • A powerful sense of community (which is getting better all the time)
    • Thriving programme of local events
    • Excellent housing stock
    • Great transport links - whether by tube, train or bus
    • Parks and open spaces whether Fordham Park, Telegraph Hill Park(s), or the Eckington Gardens
    • The urban landscape with it's relatively low-rise (for this close to Central London) housing stock from the early 19thC to the present day
    • The diversity of the population
    Bad (. . . or could do better)
    • A sense of community that can - unintentionally - exclude people from elsewhere (and which still needs to be worked upon to include everyone)
    • Lack of affordable housing
    • Lack of local employment opportunties
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  15. SSC

    SSC Respected Local

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  16. Dirty South

    Dirty South Local

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