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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Pierre, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Pierre

    Pierre Local

    I should probably introduce myself... hello, my name's Pete and I'm in the process of opening a new bicycle shop on Evelina Road. The process is taking rather longer than expected but I'm hoping to open up in the old florists, "Hello Petal" at no. 118, once they move out.

    I run Rat Race Cycles, currently a mobile bicycle repair service specialising in corporate group servicing, wheel building and custom builds. While that's going well, we're increasingly being asked for clothing, accessories and off-the-peg new bikes, so opening a shop seems to make sense. We've already got quite a few customers and friends in and around Nunhead, so it looks like a good place to set up shop.

    I've lived in SE London for the last 12 years, renting in East Dulwich before moving out to Catford to buy our first flat. I've always liked Nunhead and I hope to contribute to its improvement and become part of what seems a very pleasant community; my wife and I are planning to move back into the area in the not-too-distant future.

    So I thought I'd open up this thread to answer any questions you might have, and to say hi.
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  2. Shane Clarke

    Shane Clarke Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Pete - Welcome to the area. A great addition to Nunhead. If the service is good and reasonable you'll certaibly get the two cyclists in our house. Nunhead could do with a few more bike racks. Cheers, Shane
  3. ShinyShep

    ShinyShep Proper Local

    Hi Pete, that's great my husband could do with a local for his bike and I have a friend who does loads of off road (if that's the correct term) cycling I'll let them know I'm sure they'll be chuffed to bits to have a local!
  4. oldnewromantic

    oldnewromantic Lives for South East London

    Ooh great! Welcome to Nunhead.
  5. Doug

    Doug Super-South-Easter

    Great news. Sounds like a great addition to the high street.
  6. NHPK

    NHPK Local

    Great stuff a LBS will be well used by me - looking forward to you opening.
  7. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    This is probably the push I need to get hold of a bike and start cycling properly after a twenty-year hiatus
  8. Audi5

    Audi5 Respected Local

    Brilliant, I too think I may be tempted to get myself back onto two wheels... Welcome to Nunhead!
  9. naatmoore

    naatmoore Newbie

    Sounds great - looking forward to it! Will you be stocking any particular type of bikes or brands?
  10. SGSE15

    SGSE15 Regular

    Welcome to Nunhead Pete! We are occasional bike users but will be heading in your direction for our biking needs once open :)
  11. Tim_Webb_

    Tim_Webb_ Member

    Great idea Pete - I look forward to dropping in!
  12. CrewysBen

    CrewysBen Local

    Hi folks, this is awesome news for us cyclists - Pete is an outstanding mechanic and has a real passion for bikes.
  13. pembroke pete

    pembroke pete Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    that is great - no more trekking over to BC bikes!
  14. DinkyDonk

    DinkyDonk Local

    This is tremendously exciting. Had a peek in Hello Petal tonight on the way to the ONH - it's pretty tiny. Is there a basement for the workshop or will you be fixing bikes out back?
  15. Gerri

    Gerri Respected Local

    Great news! I cycle to work everyday and could really use a good local bike shop. Welcome to Nunhead!
  16. MrsOh

    MrsOh Member

    Ed - I'm Mrs Pete of Rat Race Cycles! Small world, huh? ;) We're so looking forward to opening up there ASAP. You must drop by the shop for a coffee & say hi when we get up and running. Tegwen (née Tucker). x
  17. Left-e

    Left-e Respected Local

    Great news! This will be fantastic for Evelina Rd. As a keen cyclist this will certainly be somewhere I'll be dropping by!
  18. Doug

    Doug Super-South-Easter

    I'm wheelie excited about this.
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  19. kerala12

    kerala12 Local

    This is great, my bike is in desperate need of some TLC. When will you be opening?
  20. Pierre

    Pierre Local

    Hi, sorry about the delay replying.

    There are a few frustrating delays moving in at the moment, but I'll let this forum know first once we have a definite date. We'll mainly be focusing on commuter and road bikes, and of course we'll have a great workshop so we'll be carrying out repairs, servicing and building there. In answer to DinkyDonk's question, we'll initially set up the workshop area at the back of the shop space but there's a decent-size store room out the back that we'll be converting into a workshop area with storage once we're in.

    Thanks for all the interest - we'll keep you updated once we have more news!

    P.S. Kerala12, we're still doing mobile bike servicing at the moment and I could pick up your bike, whisk it back to our workshop and get it healthy again next week - drop me a private message or email me at pete at ratracecycles dot com - cheers!
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