(Mad) Frankie Fraser: local legend

Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Mustard, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Mustard

    Mustard Lives for South East London

    Apparently he lives in Nunhead, in a retirement home, or whatever they are called nowadays. Anyone seen him strolling about?
  2. DKZ

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    Sounds like he's come full circle - his Richardson gang associate George Cornell (the one murdered by the the rival Krays in the Blind Beggar pub that led to their arrest) is buried in Camberwell Cemetery at Brenchley Gardens. I've a photo of the headstone somewhere.

    Just looked at the mad fella's Wiki page - had no idea he was a certified inmate at Cane Hill, the same Croydon mental asylum that David Bowie's brother escaped from and killed himself on the railway line nearby:

    Cane Hill and the cowboy, 1970.
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  3. Stuart

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    Wow, didn't realise Bowie used the place on an album sleeve. Sounds like Cane Hill was the asylum of choice for relatives of south London celebrities, not that 'choice' was really an option when you're being committed. According to the link Michael Caine's brother and Charlie Chaplin's mother were also inmates there, tho not at the same time!

    They're making a film about Frankie:


    If you look at the film maker's website http://www.cmefilms.co.uk/ they've got a recent pic of him with the director/producer. Anyone recognise those back gardens? :D

  4. sdp

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    I bet he gets his barnet chopped at Hair Hunters on Hichisson Road.

    The guy who runs it, Nick The Greek is an absolute nutter, gangster, legend who will tell anyone who dares to go in and get their hair cut there (in the style he likes, rather than you) of his time in prison for murder, which is usually accompanied by the photo albums full of dogeared photos of him with the Krays and various London luminaries of the time.

    During the course of the conversation (usually a one-way affair) he'll add as many times as possible how all the details, all the pix and all the scandal are contained within a homemade DVD of his life story, available from all good stockists called Hair Hunters of Hichisson Road, priced at ten of your English pounds. Kerching!
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  5. Mustard

    Mustard Lives for South East London

    Apparently Mr. Fraser frequents a pub in Hollydale Road.
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  6. 4onthefloor

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    A friend of mine literally bumped into him at Angel tube station years ago, and swears blind Fraser did it on purpose to pickpocket him!
  7. Recognise the clock tower?


    There's pix of the old asylum here, literally falling to pieces....


    From Alias David Bowie:

    'On the morning of the 16th [January, 1985] Peggy Jones rang from her flat in Beckenham. There had been an accident. Bowie's half-brother, Terry Burns, had been struck by a train and killed ...
    Over the Christmas holiday ... Terry had scaled a wall at Cane Hill and walked to the nearby Coulsdon South station. He lay down with his neck on the rail. As the London express bore down, shedding sparks over the icy track, Terry jerked his head away at the last second and rolled onto the frozen embankment. Then he began scooping up handfuls of sleeping pills and crushing them between his teeth. He was jumped by two railway workers, who up-ended him on the ground and held his feet high while a third man gripped his throat. Terry had already lost consciousness ...

    At some time during the undignified struggle over the next fifteen minutes, Terry regained his senses, demanding to be driven to Peggy's home, where 'David would be waiting' for him ... The next morning, Terry was taken back to Cane Hill and left to his own desires.

    History repeated itself three weeks later. By then southern England was swept by unremitting gale-force wind, lashed by alternating rain and snow, and, for all practical purposes, at a virtual standstill. Several of the staff at Cane Hill were stranded at home. Terry left the hospital grounds unchallenged, passed over the empty road and through the station booking hall. The trains that morning were running late. The few other passengers ignored the heavy-set man who walked casually to the end of the platform ... Terry waited until the express appeared from the south. Then he lay down with his head on the track, looking away. The driver tried to brake but it was too late. All ten carriages struck the body, the cry giving way to the more urgent tempo of a woman's scream.

    Terry Burns was forty-seven. There were eleven mourners at the funeral at Elmers End cemetary in Beckenham.'
  8. north2south

    north2south Respected Local

    Your not wrong there im islington born .

    Fraser was always in Fredricks , Angel , A for A Team , islington , say no more .

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