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  1. hello SE Central peeps- am new to the forum (tho have lurked occasionally)

    have moved into house with a VERY slopy 65odd foot garden, which is unplayable-on by any humans (tho squirrels, foxes and dawgs appear more than happy with it)

    we need it terraced to provide a flat lawned area for kids, as large as poss, so hard landscaping- but with the minimum of concrete, paving, decking etc

    oh, and I would want to do all the fun bits, ie planting

    sounds like a great job, doesn't it :rolleyes:

    grateful for any recommendations- ta very much
  2. marcofranco

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    Hi Pocahontas,

    Welcome to SECentral. We have just had our garden totally revived by a local landscape garden company called Noble Landscapes. They have a facebook page if you search for them.

    Our garden was a 40ish foot patch of concrete, split over two levels surrounded by walls with a rotting old gate at the back. Jesse Noble who owns the business popped round and with his artistic eye made some excellent recommendations and you can see from the pictures below the transformation at a competitive price. Our neighbor is now copying us as a result! and using Jesse.

    07972 797 412

    Quality of the work is excellent, and his artistic eye brings huge creative value if you are a little unsure about what you want... If you check out his facebook page you will see that he has worked on much bigger projects with bigger budgets so will be able to recreate these concepts the best he can within your budget.

    Hope that helps, couldn't recomend him more, we are good friends with him but his quote was competitive with others when we had the work priced.



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    p.s. if you need a personal reference, let me know.
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  3. annacurious

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    I can heartily recommend Propagating Dan (www.propagatingdan.com t:07941 794 763) who's just transformed our front garden. He has a designer's eye, & also does the work, so you can be sure the end result will look really good.

    We also had a competitive quote from D&L Landscapes (Dave & Lee) t: 07968 948339 who were very nice. They really only do hard landscaping though (not planting), so sounds like it could be their kind of job...
  4. that's lovely, both

    thanks very much for those.

    I will twist me old man's arm at the weekend so can work out a more solid idea of what we want- then try those suggested.

    thanks again

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