Lewisham People's Day Cancelled for 2012 - will you miss it?

Discussion in 'South East London General Discussion' started by Nick Barron, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    The Mercury has confirmed that Lewisham People's Day will not take place in 2012, although it should return in 2013.

    The Council money for this year's event will be diverted to pay for big screen Olympic entertainment on Blackheath.

    Is that the right choice? If Lewisham People's Day went for good and the Council money was spent on other services, would you regret it?
  2. Tamsin

    Tamsin Super-South-Easter

    I thought there was not much Council actual money involved (the figure of £30K comes to mind). Aren't most of the costs met by sponsorship or the bodies taking part paying for the privilege (sometimes, admittedly, from other sources of Council money)? Mark you there is the small team in the Council who co-ordinate such events - and this year have been diverted to the Blackheath Olympic thing, but I don't think they would actually be made redundant if the Council withdrew from such matters.

    So, value for money, I think these borough-wide events should be continued - big results for relatively small public money outlay - and that public money is hardly likely to be diverted to more worthy social care or keeping a library open.
  3. Gema

    Gema Moderator Staff Member

    Honestly, I don’t think I would miss Lewisham People’s Day. I know it makes money for local charities and I have heard from many that it is a good fun day out for everyone but the only reason I ever went along was because one of my friends ‘noise’ bands were playing and I thought it would be fun to see how the crowd reacted….Let’s just say, topless sweaty men wearing masks and making a racket on a particularly hot Saturday morning was not the top attraction of the day.

    Saying that, one of the last things I want to do is go watch a load of sport on a big television screen in the middle of a heath. I have been to enough outside events with poor sound quality, a bad view, astronomically priced food and drink and toxic portaloos to last me a lifetime.

    However, if Lewisham Council were going to stop People’s Day and just spend the money on croissants and coffee or new iPads for themselves then I’d be a bit peeved. Either keep it and revamp its content or put the money towards another community project.
  4. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark Newbie

    I think this is a disgraceful decision. I am a big supporter of the London Olympics. Indeed I am a volunteer. But we are seeing events around London like People's Day being cancelled because of it. Take for instance Lambeth's Country Fayre.

    Lewisham is not an Olympic borough. Why is the council trying to make out we are. At a time when people are down in the dumps with the economy we need events like People's Day. Another Olympic event - when there will be plenty of official ones across London - is surplus to requirements.

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