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Discussion in 'Ladywell & Lewisham' started by Nick Barron, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Lewisham?
  2. Lady

    Lady Proper Local

    The market, the Italian deli, the Turkish food shop, the Chinese, Sri Lankan and Polish food shops in Lee High Rd. The new 'Tiger'. 'Rolls and Reams'. The re-emergence of the Ravensbourne ( through an imaginative council scheme) and walking to Lewisham market along the watermeadows beside it. Maggie's Cafe. The Jolly Farmers. Sitting on Nando's terrace looking out over the Quaggy and an Indian Temple. Those are some of the 'goods'. there are some 'bads' but it is a sunny day...
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  3. Nic Ronconi

    Nic Ronconi Local

    Good: transport links, houses stock, gennaro deli, Levante, maggie's cafe, costa (finally arrived!!), fitness first (revamped), raversbourne arms pub, good shopping centre, services, library, green spaces around.
    Bad: schools (need improving), lack of a proper gym/leisure centre (ladywell a bit poor on classes - equipment).
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  4. biff bifferson

    biff bifferson Regular

    meze mangel, the darjeeling (lee high road). the fella at the market who sells buttons and stuff like that. the new lidl on lee high road (esp for bread and pastrami)
  5. teepee

    teepee Newbie

    • Unity Cafe in Lewisham library: surprisingly delicious croissants and Portuguese-style custard tarts.
    • So much green space - Manor House Gardens (although a bit Yummy Mummy these days); Manor Park - smaller, quieter, access to the stream for splashing with wellies; Ladywell Fields; Hilly Fields; and of course Blackheath.
    • Ladywell Tandoori for curries; Matahari for Chinese food.
    • El's Kitchen (Ladywell) lots of great cheeses and lots of organic produce; last Summer they sold the most delicious blackberries I've ever eaten.
    • Manor House Library - lovingly renovated with idyllic nooks to read a paper or book - if only it had a cafe too!
    • The shops around Hither Green Station - great maths shop (although with random opening times) ; Hither Green Deli (take away coffee at rush hour only £1 and a screen showing latest train times); You Don't Bring Me Flowers (rustic toast and great cakes)
    • Zone 2/3 with great connections (Victoria, Cannon St, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo and DLR to Greenwich and Canary Wharf) and dare I say it the trains seem to be OK these days
    • Great for the prosaic necessities (supermarkets, Boots, pound shops etc) but easy to get to Central London, Canary Wharf and Bluewater for more stylish shopping needs
    • Also feeling the love for the new Ravensbourne pub, Gennaro's, Haberdashery man in the market and Costa
  6. Dirty South

    Dirty South Local

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  7. Ben_Neverest

    Ben_Neverest Proper Local

    Dirty South - Thanks for the perspective of Lewisham from a pub drinker's perspective :)

    The original thread is quite behind - 3 years old - perhaps the original posters have moved away from Lewisham!

    Thanks for illuminating us about the striptease club for women only (the audience that is), although hearing this, it made me quite relieved to live in Catford, and not in Lewisham Central.

    Actually, Lewisham is one of the greenest of London boroughs in the south-east of London, when you look at the number of massive parks in the area. Adjacent to Ladywell behind the hospital walks, there are also a larger number of Catford parks, including Mountsfield Park; Forster Memorial Park; Beckenham Place Park (under Lewisham Council); Abbotsfield; the St Dunstans College PlayGrounds stretching down near the Waterworks; the conservation areas of Culverley Green; Telegraph Hill; Hilly Fields, Belmont and 27 other conservation areas within the borough of Lewisham, and not to forget, around 29 separate allotments for gardening. Your article is spot on: from the centre of Lewisham, it's hard to appreciate any of Lewisham's fantastic heritage.
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  8. telstarbox

    telstarbox Member

    Lewisham is a good town to live in, not as fashionable as Greenwich or Peckham but that doesn't matter.

    Other good things are the Glass Mill leisure centre, useful range of affordable shops in the town centre and friendly people.
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