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Discussion in 'Ladywell & Lewisham' started by Nick Barron, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Nick Barron

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    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Ladywell?
  2. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    Good :
    • nice victorian housing stock
    • proximity to the train station (if you live on Algiers, Algernon or several other roads)
    • El's Kitchen (an excellent deli)
    • Proximity to Hillyfields
    • Ladywell Tavern
    • Excellent GP surgery
    • Proximity to all the good things in the Brockley area (the Orchard, the new market at Lewisham College etc).
    • Ladywell Road is terrible for traffic
    • Still quite a few empty shops
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  3. Currylover

    Currylover Regular

    Good: Nice village with amenities such as post office, bakery, deli and dry cleaner all close together..station is in the centre and as mentioned above it is easy to get to brockley and lewisham by bus and central london by train.
    Hilly fields park

    Traffic (as always)
  4. patrick1971

    patrick1971 Regular

    Good - as others have said. The listed railway station is a really pleasant way to arrive and depart. There seems to be some real momentum on the south side of the road with the Ladywell Tavern, Slater & King, Oscar's and hopefully a revived Mason's.

    Negatives are, of course, the traffic and the streetscape. The view up to the bridge from the west is awful, really bleak. And without wishing to take anything away from the people who work in it, who seem to work hard and do a good job, I hate that car wash - it creates a big unsightly gap in the buildings.

    Now it's a conservation area with a bit of luck the plastic signage will gradually disappear over the next few years which can only help.
  5. Lot of properties coming up for sale in Malyons Road. I know because we're clearing several of them !
  6. IddyBiddy

    IddyBiddy Newbie

    Tonnes of green space around, and Ladywell fields have seen loads of recent improvements.
    the park now includes:
    Children's playground, skate park, tennis courts
    Middle Field: Adventure playground, water pumps
    Southern Field: Play area for young children.
    Family friendly, I would say this is the main reason we moved here.

    Bags of rubbish / old furniture being fly tipped
  7. good: lovely Hilly Fields, lovely Ladywell Fields, lovely station (with utterly lovely ticket office man), lovely swimming baths (for now), lovely community, lovely gluten free cake in Hilly Fields cafe, lovely bus links and a lot of other General Loveliness
    bad: the TRAFFIC! the PARKING!
    that said, it's really lovely to have Vicars Hill blocked off. I hope it goes on for months, me (but then I am a non driver)

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