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Discussion in 'About South East Central & Your Feedback' started by Carys, May 19, 2011.

  1. Carys

    Carys Local

    Another blog I frequent has activated Tapatalk to make it easier for people to use on their iPhones. Any chance of a mobile site or more iPhone functionality on South East Central.

    Here's the Tapatalk website:

  2. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Hi guys,

    Any chance you can activate the forum via Tapatalk? Not sure if there is a cost involved or not, but hopefully not as the app costs money... but it meand android/iphone and other mobile users can access, reply, read your forum on the go! :)

    See here:
  3. DBRM

    DBRM Local

    I'd like to see this too. Absolutely no knowledge or experience of forum apps on the iphone but it would mean I'd get to spend a lot more time on the forums.

    Happy to do some research into it it or test, etc if it helps
  4. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback and for the offer of helping out testing. I'm reluctant to use Tapatalk, as it is app-based - why get users to install an app when the site is available via your mobile browser? I'd also imagine Tapatalk make their money by adding their own ads on top of our content. What I'd rather do is detect if you're browsing using a mobile browser and serve up an optimised version of the site for the smaller screen. As I said before elsewhere, I'm hoping that the people who make the forum software will introduce a mobile-optimised version in a future release.
  5. DBRM

    DBRM Local

    Thanks for the quick reply Jon. I could be wrong but I've not seen a forum optimised for a mobile browser. I'd guess it's not something that is just over the horizon.

    I've been looking a bit more into tapatalk and it looks like it does a good job of converting the content into something easily viewed on the small screen. It's quite a painful process of viewing and replying to topics on an iPhone as it stands now.

    There is a small charge for the app but no advertising once you've made the initial purchase. it doesn't look like a lot if work from an administrative point if view either.

    Why not give it a go so everyone has the choice if another way of using the forums?

  6. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Mobile-optimised sites are pretty common, for example the mobile edition of Wordpress. There are some mobile skins already available for XenForo (the software this forum runs on) but they're 3rd party and a bit patchy so I'm sitting tight right now.

    I wouldn't exactly say the experience is painful on an iPhone. I use it every day on the way to work and I've managed perfectly well so far. The main issues are around the length and size of text.

    I will look into Tapatalk in more detail when I get a chance. Anyone else reading this who wants to specifically use Tapatalk, please Like this post as a way of showing support (obviously we have to prioritise enhancements!).
  7. DBRM

    DBRM Local

    Thanks Jon

    Ill concede on painful. Instead I'll go with not as beautiful as it could be.

    I'm not tied to tapatalk. If there's a better way to do it I'm more than happy to go with that.

    I guess we've got three votes already. Any more?
  8. Carys

    Carys Local

    Mobile-optimised sites are definitely easier, but I must admit finding Tapatalk easier still, although I'm not especially tied to it. I find this forum much more sprawling than it needs to be - too many sub-sections to browse through - and to be honest, that's what makes browsing the most difficult rather than my phone.
  9. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Yep, well there's plenty of talk about that here ;)
  10. The Resurrectionist

    The Resurrectionist Proper Local

    I use an iPhone to access this forum quite a lot and find there are issues with being logged out a lot (even when you've only just logged in and not even left the site) unless you tick the stay logged in option. Perhaps an app would be a good idea. Skyscrapercity have an excellent app that really works brilliantly on a mobile. I never even bother using it through a browser at home anymore.
  11. Russell & Brockley

    Russell & Brockley Respected Local

    I have exactly the same problem.
  12. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Just on the 'being logged out' problem. As The Resurrectionist says, tick the 'stay logged in' button. That solves it.
  13. Hello. The past few days I have been having a different problem when trying to make a post from my iPhone. I've been switching between wifi and 3G to see if that solves it and sadly it doesn't. Here's the messages I get:

    Attached Files:

  14. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    any news of a mobile version yet..? would keep us all posting a lot more frequently...?
  15. J-R

    J-R Member

    I don't like using this forum on an iphone at all. If admin can facilitate a more mobile friendly version then I am sure a lot of us will post a lot more frequently.

    I have no preference if it's tapatalk, or a mobile friendly version from the forum software people.
  16. Head Nun

    Head Nun Respected Local

    I've had the same problem the past week. Certain threads won't let me post because of this :(
  17. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    @Rax (& @Head Nun) thanks for posting the screen shots. It's not a problem that's specific to the iPhone, as I've had it too, but it only seems to affect certain threads.

    The server is a touch up & down at the moment. I'm making some changes over the next week which I'm hoping should sort it out. If it doesn't then I'll look into this specific problem in more detail, as obviously it's a major problem on a forum!

    As for a proper mobile version, this will come in time hopefully. As I say, just having a stable platform is priority at the moment.
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  18. Goo Goo Eyes

    Goo Goo Eyes Local

    Looks like SEC is now mobile optimised with Tapatalk. Well done guys, looks cool.
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  19. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

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  20. Ravedog

    Ravedog South Eastern Guru

    Using it on blackberry just now for the first time. Looks really neat and easy to use. Spell check working too. Well done!

    Sent from my trusted BlackBerry
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