How busy is City Thameslink from Nunhead in the morning?

Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by JessDrew, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. JessDrew

    JessDrew Newbie

    I'm thinking of moving to Nunhead, and work in Kentish Town, so would be getting the Thameslink (probably the 8:14) to work in the mornings. As there's so few trains an hour, though, I just wanted to make sure I'm likely to actually be able to get on the train? I don't mind if it's crowded, just need to be able to squeeze on! Thanks :)
  2. THNick

    THNick Respected Local

    There's a thread about this on another forum (albeit mostly in relation to stations further in):,1455532

    In short, you'll get on at Nunhead every morning (unless things get a lot worse), but it'll get rather busy by the time it gets to Denmark Hill, then ease once you get past Blackfriars/City Thameslink.

    In there's a train cancellation, or a shortened train, or other problems then it might get v busy at Nunhead. It's very rare I havent been able to get on, but it can be a squeeze.
  3. JessDrew

    JessDrew Newbie

    Thanks so much, that's really helpful to know. I'm so glad - really sold on Nunhead as an area and that was my last quibble. Can't wait to start looking at flats!
  4. Kimberley

    Kimberley Local

    The trains are definitely busier this year. I assume because of the mess at London Bridge and people seeking alternatives. And the crush isn't helped by the fact the Thameslink carriages on our line are so old and grotty. Does anyone know when we will be getting new rolling stock? Hopefully soon, the trains on the other Thameslink routes are incomparably nicer.

    That said, Nunhead is great Jess. Good choice.
  5. Zone 2

    Zone 2 Respected Local

    I have been getting the 7.31 and sometimes the 7.58, not sure about the later ones. They used to be busy, but over the last 3 or so months they have gotten a lot worse. There are times when I only just got on at Nunhead. I think generally you will always get on, but expect some pushing. My train was consistently late (anything from a couple of minutes to 10-15). I often think that those trains aren't designed for commuting, the isles are very narrow (I expect all trains to go the Overground train design, if the trains ever get replaced - less seats but more standing room)

    Having said that, Nunhead is great, so I don't think I would give up Nunhead for a more comfortable commute (if there is such a thing)

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