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  1. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Honor Oak.
  2. shellers

    shellers Local

    Really glad there is a bit for Honor Oak now as felt it was missing - So I thought I would get things rolling with some of my fav food locally. Can't beat the pattys from Yam Hill - the small shop just on Brockley Rise along from Stillness School, he also does home cooked Jerk etc. Le Querce is lush for posher nosh. Try Tapas imports the hams and chorizo from spain, really tasty potatas bravas and great house wine - all pretty big portions and not expensive...
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  3. dave

    dave Local

    Surprised that the latest addition to the HOP parade hasn't had a mention. Hills & Parkes have taken their amazing produce from the weekly stall beside the station to a shop and we can now find amazing deli food 7 days a week. My favourite - the sausage rolls.
  4. shellers

    shellers Local

    yes true - Hills and Parkes have the best bread in the area, sourdough and lovely baguettes, and loads of nice pies etc. Also missed out Babur, best indian in south east london, although I don't think the take away in crofton park is as good as eating in. Also missed Hop Scotch, lovely bar/cafe with good coffee and playlist.
    One last tip is Fosters newsagents - if you are into old school sweet shops this is the business. Hope and Greenwood in dulwich might have all the kitsch decor but fosters walls are lined with jars of all the old favourites. It's just along from stillness school on Brockley Rise - hence the queue to get in when school day finishes.
  5. BarCar

    BarCar Respected Local

    In addition to the above, votes for "Honor Oak Fish and Chips" (on the parade, some nice old photos on the wall to look at while you wait), Neroli and the Barber Shop.
  6. oryx

    oryx Local

    Some really good recommendations on here. We are really lucky in the HOP/Brockley Rise area to have so many good independent businesses.

    I particularly like Le Querce, Try Tapas, Babur and Neroli. I would also recommend Tai Wu, the Chinese restaurant on Brockley Rise, which has freshly cooked food and a very nice friendly owner; both the new-ish florists on HOP and Brockley Rise, Linkways Cars on HOP (late night out in central London>HOP station>into a Linkways car>jobs a good 'un!) and both the supermarkets on Brockley Rise.

    Re the supermarkets - they're good, let's not have a Sainsbury's Express or Tesco Metro as we don't need them. The Brockley Supermarket does hard dough bread and bun (I'm not Caribbean, but I love these) and the one next to the post office has a pretty good off-licence bit. It's a bit unusual. I once went in there just for a paper, and came out with a load of knitting wool and a King Tubby CD (the latter was about £2.99 and has enhanced subsequent car journeys no end:)).
  7. Lady

    Lady Proper Local

    I agree with all the above, would also like to mention Fs2 (the kebab shop) - probably the best in South London. Their kebabs come with really good turkish bread - there is also quite a range of Turkish food on offer. Very high standard, very friendly.
    I like the old china shop (caledonia) too - adds something to the atmosphere of the parade.
  8. Bluesman

    Bluesman Respected Local

    Must also back up the Le Querce recommendation. Easily the best restaurant in the area IMO and serves up authentic Italian/Sardinian grub. Be warned though, the service and decor are also authentic which some people find off putting - I find it charming.

    Though Hills & Parkes still deserve an honourable mention (and are worth going to for other reasons), the best bread in the area is Coopers. Available at Nandi Nandi & Pattacakes.
  9. UNIT10

    UNIT10 Respected Local

    Hi Guys, Have you heard about UNIT10? We are based in East Dulwich in Tyrrell Rd SE22 and we do a range of Sardinian cheese and Salami, Fresh Hand Made Pasta, Avocado Dips, Fruit and Veg, Sourdough Bread and Craft Beers from Clarkshaws brewery, We are open this Wed from 6pm to 9pm. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Cheers Antonio
  10. Alice Mitchel

    Alice Mitchel Member

    Last Friday I went to " The Railway Telegraph". I heard about it from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try. At Friday evening there was live music and a lot of people. I usually don't like places with so much people, but I really enjoyed that night. The food and the beverages were great, so as the music. I definitely recommend visiting "The Railway Telegraph" They have a website if you want to check out their menu.

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