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Discussion in 'Brockley' started by toobusy, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. toobusy

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    What do you all think about police taking horses into the park for exercise? I'm sure there's no bridleway there - so presumably members of the public would not be allowed to ride horses in the park. Dog walkers use the park a lot and seem to share well with the children, runners and so on, most of the time but dogs can go bonkers at horses - barking and so on - which is obviously upsetting for everyone. Should the horses be there?
  2. Mustard

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    There is a riding school that uses Dulwich Park without any problems that I know of. I am sure police horses are trained to be calm around dogs. Where do the police horses come from?
  3. toobusy

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    But Dulwich park specifically has a horse riding track - Hilly Fields doesn't. Dogs in urban areas aren't usually trained to be calm around horses - how could they be? - but if police horses can turn up in any park without a reason (e.g. policing a festival), then dogs can never be off lead... doesn't seem right.

    So far as I know all the police horses round here are stabled at Lewisham. Apparently they are using Hilly Fields for training them.
  4. THNick

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    I think one of the big houses in Brockley that was up for sale last year had stables - presumably they take their horses on hilly fields.
  5. Brockley Jon

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    One of the houses on Lewisham way has stables behind it, very close to the meze mangal bit.
  6. Helene

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    The police exercise their horses in Mountsfield Park in Hither Green, and in Ladywell Fields too - presumably as they are police, they can do what they want.
    And yes, some dogs including my own do tend to bark at them, as they seldom see horses.
    My gripe is the large piles of horse poo that they leave behind them - if dog owners have to clean it up, why should horse riders not have to do the same?! :mad:
  7. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    Horse poo is far less disgusting than dog poo, on the poo scale id say it was a 2. Dog is up at 9
  8. Lep Recorn

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    I am poo-neutral : not wanting either dog or horse (or human) poo in my park.

    But : horse poo at (2 * several kilos) must be at least as horrible as dog poo at (9 * a couple of 100 grams).

    (Sorry - can't stop an engineer.)
  9. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    I'm also
    I'm also an engineer, we need some kind of calibration. (Cat/fox poo is 9.99)
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