Peckham Herne Hill Music Festival 9-18 Oct; Meridian Brass charity concert Oct 10th

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Which Norwegian composer have Meridian Brass covered?

  1. Edvard Grieg

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  2. Terje Bjørklund

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  3. Hjalmar Borgstrøm

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  1. The Herne Hill Music Festival has had its warmup Bandstands in Herne Hill Market and now gets fully underway on October 9th at the Prince Regent in Dulwich Road with folk music evening 'The Singers and the Songs' featuring Liz Simcock, Bob Wood and Nigel of Bermondsey. It's followed up the next day by two concerts in Herne Hill Road: the first at the Carnegie Library (188 Herne Hill Rd SE24 0AG) is FREE featuring London Consort of Winds' Clarinet Consort conducted by John Holland at 11am-1pm ... this then gives you enough time to scoot down the road for our 'Musical Talent in our Schools' event for 3pm at St Saviours featuring the Rosendale School Orchestra, the Rosendale School Steel Pans Band, Southwark Children's Brass Band (who performed in Paris over the summer) and Jessop School Violins.

    We round off this first Saturday with the eclectic Meridian Brass at St Faith's Church in Red Post Hill. This will be our second performance for the charity Practical Action following last year's appearance by the Belvil Trio, also at St Faiths. Practical Action use technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.

    Preview some Meridian Brass on their Soundcloud:

    In all, we have 9 days of events, including our Peasants' Opera at the Charter School on Oct 14th featuring pupils with professional singers and musicians.

    We hope to see you at our events - some are free! Find out which from where you can find our full listings and get ticket links.

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