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    SELPA Lives for South East London

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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    10 days to go register to vote, for general election 2015.

    General Election night 7 May, what will you be doing? - Selpa people? well some of us will be at the election count, some will be sprawled out exhausted on the floor having run ourselves ragged campaigning for anti-austerity candidates. And some others will be at either of these two events.

    The fabulous Future Punk records presents an Election night Victory/Disaster night for celebrating/discussing/drowning sorrows! £3 entry!

    Election Night cabaret at the Ivy House; ELECTION NIGHT CABARET AT THE IVY COMMUNITY PUB
    Jim Barclay tells jokes on Politics, Sex and Farting
    Steve Gribbin sings songs about Farting, Politics and Sex
    Ian Saville performs Magic tricks on Sex, Politics and Farting
    Scummy Mummies perform sketches on ...well you should have the general idea by now.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Don't be like an political eunuch at an orgy on 7 May. 4 days to register to vote.
    There's a myriad of reasons some will tell you not to vote, but give yourself full options, by registering before closing date on 20 April.

    You hear people saying that it won't change anything, because of the electoral system, first past the post and that only marginals count. But it does count, it is important.

    Most comment currently suggests that there is going to be no overall winner of GE2015 in the FPTP system, in this situation the actual votes for each party will create comment in and of itself and that could help alter the agenda.

    In a time 2010-5 where Lewisham borough has seen so much money slashed from council services libraries weakened plus our hospital threatened, now college. A further *£12 billion is due to cut from welfare services, for local government this will be dire. If you are young, under 25 and or disabled, pay very close to this.

    We hope that Lewisham, show that they are electorally politically engaged and strong voting happens in this borough.

    Edited to add link to a very interesting blog post by Bob from Brockley on candidates standing in the Borough

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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Hello South East Central,

    So... tomorrow, is GE day, GE2015!
    Think NHS, Mr Alex Andreou, makes a disturbing point about NHS, immigrants and well have a listen...
    (from 12 mins in - but the whole thing is interesting)

    "Once you end up with a hospital with a tariff and a till, you have a hospital with a tariff and a till for everyone"

    Happy voting!
    South East London Peoples Assembly Against Austerity.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    There is speculation that David Cameron is planning to effectively "occupy Downing Street" and try and sit it out, if there is no overall majority. (Times paywall, but there is a preview)
    If there is marked popular vote in opposition to his party, it will strengthen the arguments for him to leave office.

    Please vote today.

    Austerity policies impoverish, we need a government that will prioritise growth over debt. When this country is growing, making things, selling them abroad, educating all its people in further as well as higher education, looking after its people with good quality well funded health service and lots of decent affordable housing so people can look beyond surviving, unencumbered by tenancy threats and look to thriving in this society, then we will pay off the debt.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Cameron has bounced fulsomely into office. He now has a parliamentary majority.
    The country has voted for Cameron and all that he offered, the direction he is going in.
    It's going to mean a lot more work for us...
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

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