DLR plans extension to Ladywell, Catford and Forest Hill

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by Nick Barron, May 2, 2011.

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    anyone for spaghetti?

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    The Bank/Monument complex is a real problem for TfL. The Waterloo & City platforms point the wrong way for any hope of an extension, the DLR platforms point vaguely north, and there are significant sub-surface buildings, including the Bank of England vaults) that get in the way of development. Crossrail couldn't have gone there even if it wanted too, just not enough space. Improving and increasing the number of exits/entrances and re-boring the Northern line platforms (as happened at Angel and London Bridge) are relatively small but significant planned improvements. Getting the DLR extended, either northwards to Farringdon/King's Cross or on a new alignment towards Charing Cross, is key to reducing overcrowding and interchange there, plus reducing pressure and drawing traffic away from other lines.
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    Nunhead to Brockley direct? They could name that branch the South East Central section!
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    A Nunhead extension seems to makes almost as little sense as the Forest Hill extension. Passengers going to Canary Wharf from Peckham or Brockley will find the journey quicker on ELL and the use of the Nunhead line would prevent it being put to better use with more frequent services to Victoria or as part of a Bakerloo line extension.
    What would the overall benefit be of adding this extension?
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    As we I think concluded over on the NHF, the addition of the Deptford Bridge-Nunhead branch has never even been suggested by anyone - someone has merely taken the official map and added some dotted lines to it to, presumably, illustrate the possibility.

    Peckham Rye extension would mean massive infrastructure works at Deptford Bridge over the A2, along with presumably a new viaduct to meet the Nunhead alignment. It would almost be easier to create a junction at Lewisham and run the tracks back from there. Which raises the point of where the tracks would go - a heavy rail/light rail joint alignment is not unprecedented but there's no space. Etc etc etc.

    As those on this thread, and people over on London Reconnections, have speculated, more chance of the northern extension at Bank than a southern extension from Lewisham to Forest Hill.
  6. Stuart

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    Is it really northern though? The most obvious and cost-effective extension is westwards to Trafalgar Square via Strand, using the old Aldwych spur of the Piccadilly Line and the disused tunnel and Jubilee platforms at Charing Cross...
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    Diversifying London Railway?

    Talking of which, the new Stratford International branch is set to open on Tuesday

  8. I can see why people have suggested it though. At the present time there is no direct interchange between the two specifically East London railways, the ELL and the DLR.

    And even if the Forest Hill extension gets built and provides that interchange, it's way out in zone 3 - hardly an essential hub.
  9. DKZ

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    The current issue of train bible Modern Railways carries a special feature on the latest thinking for London’s transport. TfL’s current thinking for the DLR is to extend it to Euston, to cope with crowds from High Speed 2. “We could well get a bigger bang for our buck if we head west rather than east,” TfL executive Howard Smith tells the magazine.
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    There was talk of the DLR bringing back into use the Jubilee Line tunnels at Charing Cross and Aldwych too, but the Euston plan tallies with another idea in the HS2 proposals, which is to create an above ground light rail between St Pancras International and a rebuilt Euston, to connect HS1 with HS2; so if that happens TfL clearly want it to be a branch of the DLR.
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    The location of the new DLR stations is a puzzle. I love gigsawa. Jigsaws too.

    Medusa Road SE6 was a bit of a giveaway.
    If you like running for the train - this one's coming right at ya.

    Or maybe they're being clever : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medusa
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    Hmm. The now demolished and cleared site of the old Ladywell pool sits dead in line for any southerly extension of the DLR from Lewisham Central ie the shops once known as "The Riverdale Shopping Centre". The site is a natural for the next stop south of any DLR extension from Lewisham "Central" to Catford via Ladywell. Perhaps "Lewisham South" would be an appropriate station name 'cause if you look at the map the location on the High Street is not really Ladywell at all.

    "Lewisham Council has unveiled its plans for an innovative and flexible housing development devised in collaboration with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. The Council is responding to the ongoing high demand for housing in the Borough by exploring a short term option for use on the site of the former Ladywell Leisure Centre building.
    The volumetric technology used in construction means that the development can be built faster and cheaper than if traditional methods were used, and the finished structure is fully demountable meaning it could be used over a number of years and in different locations across the borough. Plans are in the final development stages, and full details of the proposed scheme are available on Lewisham Council’s website.

    The temporary scheme will be procured for a maximum budget of £4,300,000 and be on site for between 1-4 years. The first residential units could be occupied as early as late summer, providing 24 homes for local people in housing need, as well as eight ground-floor non-residential units for community and/or business use.

    All units exceed the current space standard requirements by 10%, helping the Council to meet an existing shortfall in both high quality temporary and two-bed accommodation whilst it develops new build and estate regeneration programmes for the Ladywell site and others."

    Whilst were on the subject of the Lewisham shopping centre and tube extensions has anyone noticed the old Pontis' Café? Well you just might 'cause right now it's a large void dead in the centre of the centre, just outside the entrance to Sainsbury's and right by the lifts to the car park decks. Big old space that. So handy for a tube entrance. A tunnelled tube from Lewisham and right into the centre of the centre would be dead handy. Wonder if anyones thought of that?

    OK so you read it here first. The Ladywell site will be occupied with the Gerrybuilt box of tricks for a full 4 years then the site is to be redeveloped. So it could be said, according to Lewisham Council projections, the DLR is slated to start construction by tunnelling south from Lewisham no later than 2019.
    Oh and it seems Mr Ponti and his staff weren't too bothered about being given their marching orders from the landlords in consultation with the council and all in spite of the fact they were asked to vacate their prime site immediately and were not offered any alternative business premises in Lewisham. See here http://www.eastlondonlines.co.uk/2012/06/pontis-closes-after-25-years-in-lewisham/

    After 25 years, how absolutely shocking is all that?
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    As I am now a "Regular" and I have received points a celebration is required. What better way is there than to illustrate the last post with some official maps and pretty drawings smothered and daubed with all the wonders 'Paint.exe' can command.

    First a TFL of the DLR Extension side by side with a regular Bing map resized to fit the unwieldy and unreal approximateness of the DLR fantasmogorical concoction of loveliness. Isn't that a thing of true beauty and wonderment. Informative too.

    Like it says the scale is about right. All the reference points line up perfectly and the stations are now all within the DLR margin of cartooness accuracy. As suggested by the previous post this map side by side sites the new Ladywell/Lewisham South station just about exactly where the old swimming pool building (now demolished) was.

    And now to round off the celebration, No2 in the same series:


    The close up. The square at the top is the 'pool site' and the one at the bottom is Medusa Road as in the station 'Medusa Road'. Easy really and not at all magical, mystical or mortifying. If you're looking to buy a house in Catford and wonder how on earth living in SE6 can command a £1 million price tag then here's a news update for you - you're probably quite all alone on that one.

    'Transport links maketh all this possible', so sayeth the Lord, The Lord Of All That Is Surveyed.

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