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    Please use this thread to share your advice about the area - what's good and bad about Deptford?
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    Good: The deptford project, The Old police station, the character of deptford- it is a little rough on the edges but still retains some historical businesses and some is also quite hip & funky, the market especially the flower shop; you can buy furniture, clothes and food for very low prices at the market;good contrast to more expensive areas like Greenwich, blackheath, brockley which are closeby so easy to reach when you want to do something different..deptford leisure centre & lagoon- great for kids, close to greenwich park, the DLR- takes you to canary wharf in 10 mins, the overground (at New cross)- guaranteed seat on the train.

    Bad: Flytipping, still many run down council estates and deprivation, narrow streets which are congested with people trying to avoid A2 traffic
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    Deptford is a great place to live. The local high street has a variety of shops and a market three days a week The new library has recently opened – the Deptford Lounge – and the former library space at Wavelengths is to be turned into a gym to complement the swimming pool. There are many nice places to visit on the high street including The Deptford Project, The Waiting Room, Deli X, and Bearspace.

    The restaurants and takeaways in the area cater for all kinds of tastes, including African, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Vietnamese…there are also two good old fashioned pie and mash shops! I recommend Le Gia, Panda Panda, The Big Red and Manzes Pie & Mash Shop. The market also brings in street sellers such as the Portuguese cake stall and Mike and Ollie. A fine selection of beers and ales can be drunk at the Dog & Bell and there is live music too at the Bird’s Nest.

    Deptford is a walkable distance to other local shopping areas including Greenwich Town Centre, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and Lewisham Town Centre. London’s West End is also only a 15 minute train journey away. The area is well connected and in Zone 2; firstly, there is Deptford Station in the High Street (which is currently being refurbished!), with New Cross Station a short 7min walk away. London Bridge station is a 7 minute journey once on board a South Eastern Train. The East London Line starts at New Cross and Deptford Bridge DLR is at the opposite end of the High Street. Local buses include the 47, 188, 199, 177, 453 and the 225.

    There is lots of green space in Deptford, including Brookmill Park, which has a duck pond and the Quaggy running through it. The Stephen Lawrence Centre is in the grounds and it also contains an exhibition space. Deptford Park, The Sue Godfrey Nature Reserve and Ferranti Park, Pepys Park, and Twinkle Park are also all in the vicinity. The Creekside Centre is close by as is the Ahoy Centre which sits alongside the Thames Path. Deptford is swarming with artist activity, there are many little galleries and studios including Creekside Artists, Cockpit Arts, and the Art in Perpetuity Trust. The Albany concentrates on the more theatrical side of the arts whilst the Laban Centre offers dance and music.


    The multitude of bookmakers is an issue in the area – especially around Ladbrokes and Paddy Power - where a gang of men stand around drinking alcohol and smoking. I normally walk on the other side of the road so none of them can bother me. The anchor at the south end of the high street is the meeting point for all the local drunks. I hear they sometimes beg for money but have never actually witnessed it – I guess I have lived in London long enough to wear the kind of facial expression that says: ‘Don’t bother’. Towards Deptford Bridge is the 999 Centre, a charity for the homeless and vulnerable, it does some very good work but due to its opening hours and no drinking policy, homeless people and drunks loiter at that end of the road. A friend of mine used to be a volunteer and told me that their main problem is that the centre is over-subscribed and people travel from all over the borough to use its amenities.

    South Eastern Trains run all the train services in the area and are monumentally rubbish. Fortunately, if it all goes tits up, there are buses, the East London Line and the DLR within easy walking distance. Traffic is also a problem; if someone breaks down in the Rotherhithe tunnel or the Blackheath tunnel then everyone is screwed. The roads will not be clear for HOURS. When Creek Bridge is raised this can also cause issues, backing up traffic through Deptford and Greenwich.

    Litter and flytipping has got better recently and I have seen far less dumped cars. The market can cause a huge mess and a bit of a stink in the summer but it does get cleared away and Deptford High Street has two street cleaners who are busy sweeping up every morning when I leave for work at 6.30am. Some of the shops on Deptford high street could do with a fresh lick of paint; however the worst offenders for ripping out original features and using garish colour combinations are the chain pawn brokers, money lenders and bookies.
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    Thank you for the referral. I really like Deptford, no matter the lowlights and I'm astonished at its fast development the last 3 years or so. Also a bit concerned about a possible gentrification with all the redevelopment plans that still exclude certain groups..
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    Thanks to the recent brouhaha over the Guardian's Let's Move To New Cross article and it's use of a picture taken from Deptford DLR of the junction connecting Deptford, New Cross, Lewisham and Greenwich to illustrate the piece (around half a mile from the centre of New Cross itself), I was reminded of an earlier piece on Deptford a few years ago:

    My favourite quote is this "You'll have to heft up the hill to Greenwich Park and Blackheath for a blade of grass" ignoring Brookmill Park, Deptford Park, the Sue Godfrey Nature Reserve, Ferranti Park, Pepys Park and Twinkle Park.

    But still, if articles like this keep Dyckhoff's out of the area then I am all for it.
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    Deptford is in the press again - the Metro today reports on the 'hidden gem' of south east London in its property section. I have to say though, if you're paying £1,000 a month for renting a one-bed flat in Deptford then you've been done! Do your research, shop around and don't believe the hype!
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