Convoys Wharf development and regeneration, Deptford SE8

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    Hutchison Whampoa's Convoys Wharf development has been slowly trudging along in the background of Deptfordian’s lives for some time now. According to their website, the proposal presents a ‘major opportunity to regenerate Deptford and open up this key area of riverside,’ bringing new jobs and homes to the area, as well as ‘creating a direct connection between Deptford High Street and the Thames.’ Last weekend Hutchison Whampoa hosted a 'community consultation day' aiming to discuss the plans for the site after much local criticism of the project. Local bloggers the Deptford Dame and Deptford Is have both written up blog posts about the day here:

    And Deptford Misc has been reporting on Convoys for quite some time too:

    Also see the Convoys Wharf website for more information on the site itself:
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    Thanks Gema, this is really helpful. I fully support this site's redevelopment, but I agree that the current scheme is rather uninspiring. Connecting the riverside to Greenwich nicely and celebrating the heritage of the docks are must-haves in my view.
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    The £1billion scheme to build 3,500 homes on Deptford's Convoys Wharf has been submitted to Lewisham Council. There has been a few articles in the mainstream press, seemingly cut-and-pasted straight from a press release and containing no actual background research, comment or critique, which is a little depressing but not surprising as most of the daily rags are just glorified property supplements these days. Good to see the Building Design website offer a critique of the development instead of just following the money - "what’s needed is a development that recognises the obligations it owes the community."

    Some good blogs to check out include:
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