Christmas Tree Delivery service recommendation

Discussion in 'Recommended people and services' started by desireedt, Dec 11, 2015.

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    I'd like to recommend a Christmas tree Delivery service that I used this year. The company's name is Hassle Free Christmas Tree and my sister recommended their services to me. I really hate going out to pick a real Christmas tree, but I would never use a fake tree so I thought that this could be could. I checked their website and saw that they offer pretty good deals on Christmas trees + service packs. I called them and the next day a guy called Ruslan delivered the tree to our home, installed it and decorated it (I paid a little extra for that, but it was worth it) and gave me some tips on how to keep the tree fresh during the holidays. If anyone is interested in a really hassle free Christmas, the company's phone is 020 3746 8165.

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