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  1. Hi there

    Hopefully the subject line is self explanatory. Can this be changed at all? Many people viewing this forum are not actually signed up and might not want to sign up, yet you can't view attachments unless you are. Is this an easy config change that can be made in XenForno?

  2. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Hi there, the reason why the system does not allow signed out users to view attachments is to keep the bandwidth down on the server. Images are the biggest drain on the server, and if someone linked to a post that attracted a great deal of attention, it could very easily max out our bandwidth. This would cost us money with the hosting company (as we'd need to buy more). So at the moment, it will have to stay this way.

    If you want signed out users to see images, you can host them with an image hosting service and then insert the image via a URL.


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