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Discussion in 'Brockley' started by EssaelBosch, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. EssaelBosch

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    I wasn't entirely sure where to put this - does this fall under the tradespeople category? Feel free to move if necessary.

    I have a huge pile of bedding and towels that need washing and drying and I don't have the facilities at home to do it, or the time to go to a launderette and do it myself. Where's good (plus affordable) in the Brockley area that will do me a service wash?

    Also, have never used a launderette before - do I just pop in and drop stuff off? Do I have to pay before collection?
  2. Tamsin

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    Do you have a car or is weight and distance an issue? There is one in Endwell Road - right by the railway bridges, one near to Sounds Around (if I remember rightly) and one up beyond the Crofton Park end - where the road goes off to Honor Oak. Never used a service wash at any of these places (too mean - I do it myself if need be). However, I would expect that you have to pay when you drop it off. With anything else they would risk serious losses as garments that are not worth the cost of washing them on the second hand market are not collected. (Not that I am casting any aspersions on your sartorial taste EB - just a fact of life - the days of the Victorian second hand clothing trade with specialist thieves stealing from washing lines are over.)
  3. EssaelBosch

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    I'll be walking, probably with some kind of wheelie bag, so needs to be within comfortable walking distance of the east end of Wickham Road.
  4. Ramble66

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    I use the one near costcutter on Brockley Road.

    For their service wash (drop the bag off and pick up a few hours later clean and dry) for the medium load - which is massive - is roughly £9.30, I think £10.30 if you don't take detergent. You pay before. That machine fits at least 4 large bath sheets, 2 sets of kind size bedding and white shirts/tops. (Basically an Ikea bag stuffed full)

    Perfectly happy with the service. The older lady seems a little hard of hearing. I do find with all these places that if you take your own detergent that half a bottle seems to go. If you use theirs don't forget to specify if you need non bio.
  5. alisam2u

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    I concur with the above... And it's the nearst to Wickahm road
  6. EssaelBosch

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    Just to follow up on this, ended up going to the New Cross Launderette. Chickened out of doing it myself and went for a service wash. Dropped off about 23kg of clothing and bedding at 11am and picked it all up at 5.30pm. The lady was utterly lovely and I recommend the place highly. Whole thing came to £18.
  7. alisam2u

    alisam2u Super-South-Easter

    good for you...was it nearest to were you live?

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