Brockley Assembly Mayor's Fund - no Brockley Max?

Discussion in 'Brockley' started by BreakspearsEagle, Jul 18, 2011.

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    I was at this meeting on Saturday which included a vote for the allocation of the £50k Mayor's Fund for this year.

    This is what is being used to fund the new trees on Brockley Road and steps at Brockley Station.

    Other things that got voted for included a raised bed allotment within Breakspears Mews, a community Gym at Lilac house and a wildflower meadow near Tanners Hill.

    One thing that was notable for its absence was any funding for Brockley Max. Given that last year this event received over £5k (see here for list of last year's funding ) does this mean that this event is not going to go ahead this year?

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