Best place to eat in Catford?

Discussion in 'Catford & Hither Green' started by crofton park gooner, May 17, 2011.

  1. I would say the Japanese on the Broadway or the Italian place up by Eros house. Neither are that expensive and the food is great.
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  2. SouthBrox

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    I'd agree with both of those (especially the pizza place!) and add Mekan too, which is great.
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  3. Max

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  4. Cat

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    All of these places are very delicious and inexpensive. I have not found them online, just since I moved here recently and talking with locals. I recommend them as delicious.
    Thai - Thai Garden (the smell of Thai food made me wretch for five years. Then my partner ordered food here and I loved it so much! Best Thai I've ever had.)
    Chinese -Tai Won Mein (actually, I've only enjoyed their vegetarian dishes. To me, their meat dishes tasted a little cheap. But you can't beat the price).
    Indian -Himalaya (I love these guys. Been there since 1970s. What you want from a curry house).
    Japanese - Sapporo Ichiban (Sushi is very good and it's a fun place, some of the mains are a bit bland but I guess that's Japanese food for you)
    Turkish -Mekan (fun and lively. There was a good crowd in there when we visited)
    English - inumerable caffs serving usual fry ups but also pie and mash with liquor or gravy. My favourites are those around Catford Broadway Theatre.

    I've not been to the Italian restaurant yet but I've heard it's nice, its name is La Pizzeria Italiana.
  5. poppag_girl

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  6. I went to teh Japanese again this week and it was packed. The buffett there is great value and as it is freshly cooked rather than all plonked on a table the quality is excellent. Staff are always very friendly there as well.

    Apparently there is a new Mexican place opening soon, somebody said it is where the old Vegiterian place was.
  7. Nic Ronconi

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    I agree on Mekan, really good value, friendly and nice interior. I am italian and i have never tried this italian pizzeria, is it really worth it?
  8. I would certainly recomend the Italian, the pizzas are lovely and fresh and there are always different specials. The Calzone is massive!
  9. Wadeylady

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    The Kings Chow Mein underneath Eros House is a really excellent Chinese. It might not look much from the outside but I have found it to be the best in the area. The King Prawns in satay sauce are fabulous. The restaurant has been there for years which I think is always a good sign in Catford. Also, if you are getting a takeaway for one they do a "one container" deal which is a smaller portion and cheaper: i.e. you order Kung Pau Prawns and Egg Fried Rice "in one dish". Still a good big portion but not as overwhelming and cheaper.

    Pizzeria Italiana under Eros House also excellent.

    Best greasy spoon for a cooked breakfast is The Perfect Cafe. Really nice inside now that it's been revamped.
  10. Wadeylady

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    Yes. It's run by an Italian family. Really friendly. Good food. Good value. Think it's featured in the Tme Out eating guides. Doesn't need to advertise as it's known so well in the area for being so good.
  11. Gema

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    I love Sapporo Ichiban, its one of my favourite Japanese restaurants! The bento boxes are yummy and love the sunken tables. I have not tried the sushi in there though, I always go into the West End and buy it in Yoshino as it is amazing and cheap. I've never checked out any of the other restaurants in Catford, looks like I should from the recommendations above though!
  12. Headhunter

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    Sapporo Ichiban is only Japanese in name. It is to Japanese food what takeaway curry is to food in India. Although SI produces some tasty stuff, it's essentially Japanese-esque Chinese food. The staff are all Chinese. If yuo want genuine Japanese food (other than just sushi) go to Edokko in Holborn. It's quite expensive but very authentic...
  13. SouthBrox

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    I really dont think it matters - If someone said 'lets go for a Japanese' and went there, they wouldn't be disappointed. Most of the food is pretty much the same as I've had in Japan - certainly far closer to Japanese than Chinese anyway!
  14. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I suppose it doesn't really matter if people like the food but you've been to Japan and the food at Sapporo Ichiban was the same as the food you had there?! Either your taste buds are waaay off or you went to some part of Japan I never visited! Last time I went to SI, they had some basic sushi and otherwise it was things like chow mein/fried noodles and spring rolls which are staple Chinese takeaway stuff and as alien to Japanese cuisine as chicken tikka masala would be to someone in India.....
  15. clogsilk

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    I am off to Sapporo tonight and I cannot wait! I love it, regardless of the comments above. :D
  16. Delores

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    The Pakistani tiny little shop by the traffic lights that lead from the back of Tesco's are fantastic, they look like they only sell chicken, but they do other dishes and the quality is very good. I don't often eat out but if I fancy a curry this is the place
  17. Gema

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    Sad news - Sapporo Ichiban is currently on fire! Noooooooooo!

    Please let the kitsch ornamental pond window display and special fake oriental seating area for westerners survive this terrible ordeal.

    Update: The fire has been put out and there has been only a small amount of damage with no injuries. Sadly, I have no further information regarding the ornamental pond and fake oriental seating...
  18. Whitney

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    Was recommended by a friend and is now my new home Infusion Cafe they sell English Breakfasts and Caribbean food aswell
    Mixing my English breakfast with plantain and dumplings and wait for it....seasoned beans - hidden gem on Brownhill Road

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